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Good Old Blog Stats
As of 7/01/16
Page views per month: 8,800+
GFC Followers: 720+
Bloglovin: 1010+
Instagram 1300+
Twitter: 720+
Facebook: 314+

So excited to meet you all!

As a side note I am always happy to discuss giveaways and or product reviews. My only condition is that it is something that I am genuinely interested in. Feel free to email me with any questions or to discuss this possibility further at littleladylittlecity@gmail.com

Disclosure Statement:
LLLC is a for profit blog, sponsorship prices are subject to change as the readership grows. I am a member of several affiliate programs, which means if you click or make a purchase using my affiliate link I receive a small percentage of the sale. All Sponsored posts are labeled at the bottom of the post and any items sent free of charge are listed as courtesy of (c/o) within the post. That being said I only work with and support products that I personally believe in and love. I also have to right to turn down any sponsorship request if I feel the blog/company does not fit with my personal beliefs or ethics.


  1. Lovely idea! I just did the swap with you for 200x200. I've got yours up on my Link Love as the first listed <3

  2. Your button is now live on my site. Thanks for the swap.

  3. Beautiful blog!!
    Lesley / bytheporchlight.com


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