Life Lately

Life Lately -
I can hardly believe it's already July! Where the heck did the first half of the year go?! Things are going pretty well here, I'm keeping busy with baby man who is basically a full blown toddler now! *emoji crying face* 

It has been almost unbearably hot in Phoenix, so we've been spending lots of time in the pool or hunkered down inside (which means lots of TV shows and Netflix when baby man's sleeping). I am excitingly waiting for our first official monsoon of the season, it has been ridiculously humid the last couple of days, so I feel like it could be any day now.

The only thing we really have planned for the rest of summer is a family wedding out in mid-west next month. I'm actually a little nervous about this flight because baby man is definitely a certified toddler with way too much energy, and that's not a fun flight ingredient. Let's be honest, the majority of people on a plane are not looking forward to a rambunctious toddler a plane, let alone one that likes to climb and grab (even if he gives out plenty of cute little waves with his chunky arms.) Thankfully, we are flying out with some other family members, so hopefully, between all of us, we can keep him entertained. If you guys have any tips or tricks for flying with a toddler PLEASE SHARE :)

What have you guys been doing this summer?

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