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I received this Pet Magasin Cat Hammock at no charge in exchange for my honest opinion. 
Pet Magsin Cat Hammock - littleladylittlycity.com
As you all probably already know I love my cats and getting them fun things that I think they will like. Enter: the Pet Magasin Cat Hammock. I really like the natural wood and how sturdy it is, it even looks perfect by the front window. It was shipped in pieces to assemble, but assembling it was straight forward and gave me confidence that it was easily capable of holding up my two floofs. Because they have a window seat on the sliding glass door in the back of the house, I figured this would work perfectly in the front window so they'd have a secondary perch to watch birds from. Now I just need to get get some nice house plants to make it even homier for the cats. 
Pet Magsin Cat Hammock - littleladylittlycity.com
Although the build is good and the spot is great, both cats have only expressed interest in sniffing the hammock so far. No doubt there's a learning curve, so I've been liberally applying treats to the surface to encourage them to give it a try. They haven't taken me up on the hammock, but they are finding ways to get their paws on the treats, haha. Once they actually get a hang of it, they are going to have to learn to share because I have a feeling they are both going to want to use it. 

If you think your cat or cats would love to have themselves a hammock you can get 30% off using this code 5F2WSQO4 at either Pet Magsin or Amazon.

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