Introducing Care Flair

Care Flair enamel pin - Pinning it to the man - -
For months now it has been nothing but awful news about our new government and their plans to defund or dismantle so many incredible organizations. I'm on the floor at night sometimes like "wtf, dude-- National Parks? Really?." It's left me feeling really hopeless at times. I mean, I'm just one lady with a baby under one, and there are only so many hours in the day. After commiserating with my husband after a particularly nasty bit of news about new plans to defund Planned Parenthood, it all clicked together: a way to focus all our little efforts into a bigger force. I'm calling it Care Flair, pins to show your support on your sleeve and online where 100% of the profits from all Protest and Ally Pins go straight to organizations that need our help. Each pin supports a unique cause and gives each of us a way of resupplying the organizations we believe while making a statement of support or protest. 
I'm starting with pins that support National Park Foundation and Planned Parenthood, I hoping to add a lot more over the coming years. 

Care Flair -
Care Flair -
There are also digital downloads that you can buy that have a portion of the price go to charity as well. What I love about these prints is that is not only do they look super awesome hanging up but if you have a cutter they can be made into some kickass t-shirts like I did here and here.

I am so excited that I was able to make this idea a reality and honestly, I am very proud of myself for getting this all put together. Ever since having baby man stealing away some free time to work on things outside of work and him has not been the easiest.

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