Nursery Before and After

Nursery Before and After -
Almost a year ago to date, I shared progress photos of the room that would become our nursery. I think the reason it took so long for this post to actually happen was that even after we "finished" the nursery it still didn't feel like Felix's. We still had a ton of moving boxes waiting to be sorted, and honestly, it was that way for a little while because Felix slept in our room for the first several months. Finally, though, we got it all cleared out, so it is now official his room. 
Nursery Before and After -
This was originally a patio that the previous owners closed in to make a really long Arizona room. They even left the original sliding glass door inside the house. It was goofy looking, to say the least, but we put up a dividing wall to create two rooms, changed the flooring, and removed that old ceiling fan. There was just soooo much blue carpet, it seriously reminded me of a cruise ship, haha. 
Nursery Before and After -
This accent wall ended up taking a lot longer than I anticipated. I made sure to spend the extra money and buy the painter's tape that was supposed to make sure your paint lines stay crisp, and that totally did not happen. There were fuzzy lines everywhere! So I ended up spending the next several days during month 8 of being pregnant repainting all the lines. I think it was worth the extra time cleaning it all, though, because I think it looks pretty great. 
Nursery Before and After -
My childhood mobile is a little worn, but it still plays music and entertains Felix.
Nursery Before and After -
A lot of the nursery's decor is made up of a combination of things from our childhood and new things. I love having many of these little stuffed animals from Will's childhood paired up with this little Phoenix print from Modern Map Art. I added the green behind the Phoenix print and I think it really pops. The city, and each of these characters, have such a special place in our hearts, so they are just the absolute perfect pair. 
Nursery Before and After -
I really love how is whole room came together, it's fun to think about how far we brought the space. Just a couple years ago we'd torn it down to the studs and Will was stuffing insulation into the walls. Without intending to we made the perfect space for Felix, and having been able to shape it from start to finish has made it incredibly special. As best as I can tell I think baby man really likes it too. 

bear pillow / crib sheets // Target
shelves / light / cat curtain // Ikea
Phoenix Print // c/o Modern Map Art
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