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Hello, 2017! I'm finally getting a post up, and only 16 days into the new year. I'm really hoping that this isn't a sign of what blogging will be like this year. 29 posts in 2016 is a little sad, haha. Honestly, I still feel a little torn with how much to share about Felix, I have really mixed feelings about it. On one hand, he basically is the cutest kid and I just want to share all the pictures, but on the other, he doesn't really have a say on this whole thing and one day he may not like it. Does any other blogging parents out there feel that way? I guess for now there will be the occasional photo of him on the blog and over on my Instagram

In general, I feel like I am in pretty good company when I say 2016 had it's ups and downs for sure, and 2017 is definitely going to be a lot of the same. I'm hopeful, this year, for a lot more ups than downs! Happy New Year everyone!

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