Getting Comfortable in My Postpartum Body

Getting Comfortable in My Postpartum Body -
I never gave much thought to how my body would look and feel after having Felix, I just knew it would be different. Since having Felix almost 4 months ago I am back down to my pre-pregnancy weight, but my body totally doesn't look like it use to (for obvious reasons). It's this weird kind of mind fuck, my formerly loose comfy shorts are now my fit/almost a little tight shorts, and my fit like a glove shirt now fits like a glove 2 sizes too small. At times it has kind of sucked trying to figure out my postpartum body. There have been lots of days spent in PJs, but recently I feel like I've begun to really feel comfortable in my new body. So here I am, 32 and trying to find my new fashion groove. 
Getting Comfortable in My Postpartum Body -
This outfit has definitely been a staple since having Felix, nursing top, jean vest, and this sweet mustard yellow skirt. This nursing top makes feeding Felix in public so much easier than wearing a nursing bra and pulling my shirt up. I just throw on my scarf cover, pop the strap and Felix gets fed without me having to show off my stomach to the whole place, haha.
Getting Comfortable in My Postpartum Body -
vest (similar) // Forever 21
nursing top // H&M
skirt (green verson) // ModCloth
pin // Creature Type
shoes // Nordstrom
Getting Comfortable in My Postpartum Body -
This outfit also works pretty well with a pair of jeans that I really love too. Chances are if you ran into me two days in a row you would probably see me wearing this same outfit both times, ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ . Do you guys have a go-to outfit that you wear maybe a little too often too? 

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