Black and Yellow Maternity Wear AKA I'm A Bubble Bee

Black and Yellow Maternity Wear -
I've talked about it before, but I have been ALL about being super comfy while pregnant because, let's be honest, you don't always feel comfortable in your pregnant body. So why make it worse by wearing something that isn't wonderfully comfy?! This dress is one of just a handful of actual maternity clothing pieces I bought and it's definitely something I am planning on wearing once that big bump of my is gone. It's basically a really soft t-shirt dress and I love it! 
Black and Yellow Maternity Wear -
I wore this outfit to Easter Brunch and it was quite the hit, and it also let me enjoy more delicious food than one human (even a pregnant one) should eat in one sitting. Seriously, if I was just wearing pants, even my maternity ones, I think I would have needed to take them off to help with my super full stomach, haha. I swear, it doesn't matter how many times we do a holiday brunch with our family and friends I never fully remember how many different courses of food there are. I totally over eat on the first one and then somehow find "room" for the later ones. 
Black and Yellow Maternity Wear -
I know I keep saying that I need to color my hair again in basically every single post, but I SERIOUSLY NEED to color like ASAP. I'm going to do it this week for reals this time! Please don't hold me to that because let's be honest here it might not actually happen haha! 
Black and Yellow Maternity Wear -
dress // Target
scarf // Zappos
cardigan (similar) // Target
shoes // Walmart
Black and Yellow Maternity Wear -
And once again for good measure a ridiculous photo of me pointing out my belly, because why not right, haha. This belly of mine is definitely getting big. I am constantly hitting things with it like walls, car doors, and even people. It's all kind of pathetic, you would think that at this point in the game (I am 9 months pregnant now) I would be able to have a better sense of how big my own belly is. I guess not. 

x's and o's

P.S. And on a total side note I'm just going to complain a little bit about Instagram. Even though they are all like "Don't worry guys we aren't changing anything yet" my feed has totally changed and it blows hard. I currently now see photos I've already liked from 9 hours ago before new ones, and then photos I've already seen are mixed in with new ones, making it super hard to tell when I have actually seen all the new photos. Total first world problem I know, but it's annoying. I follow the people I follow because I like to see their photos when they post them, I don't like having to hunt to make sure I've seen everyone. Le boo. Anyone else have their feed change already?


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