The Nursery : Before

The Nursery : Before -
Today I thought it would be fun to share the transformation of the nursery because, good lord, it has been quite the transformation. If you've been reading this blog for the past couple of years you know that back in 2014 Will and I bought a little bungalow that definitely needed some updating and TLC

The previous owners decided to create a sunroom by enclosing the patio and adding to the bungalow's overall square footage, which I absolutely loved. What I did not love was just how cheaply they did it. As you can see they left in the original sliding glass door leading to one of the bedrooms (now office). They also only put one ceiling fan in the middle of the very long room with no AC vents, and there was absolutely no insulation in the ceiling. Now, that would be totally fine if we weren't in Arizona with direct sunlight in the afternoon during the summers, but that isn't the case, so talk about a real sweat box. 
The Nursery : Before -
We decided that since the room was just so big we should split it into two separate rooms. First, we ripped out that royal blue carpet and decided to go with stained concert floors to help keep them cool and incredibly easy to clean. Then, we ripped out the really cheap wood paneling they used on the walls and took out the sliding glass door that leads into the office. We also made some really beautiful curtains (haha) to help keep the heat out and have a little privacy while building. 
The Nursery : Before -
Will then framed up the new walls and brought the central air into both rooms before stuffing the ceilings with blown insulation. Honestly, Will did an amazing job with this whole processes! He wiggled up in the eaves to get the AC vents all put in, and when I say wiggle I mean he seriously wiggled. He barely fit and would have to move basically inch by inch while holding his breath to get to certain spots. I think if it were me I would have given myself a heart attack the second I got stuck. 
The Nursery : Before -
Once the room was mostly finished it basically became our storage room/work space/Will's art room while we continued working on the rest of the house. Once we moved out to Phoenix this past fall it became stuffed with a lot of our things from the mountain and Will's parents house. Thankfully, we worked hard on sorting it all and were able to find places for most of the stuff/give a lot of it away so we could make room the nursery furniture. It's pretty close to being completely done and I think it is looking pretty darn great if I do say so myself. Hopefully, we can finish it up totally and get pictures up here soon. 

I had such a blast going through all these old photos while putting this little post together, it's crazy to see again just how much that little part of our house has changed since when we bought the place. I'm really happy Will and I were so diligent about taking photos of the whole renovation process. 

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