Red and White and Blue Stripes

Red and White and Blue Stripes -
Being pregnant I'm staying away from bleaching my roots, so I've been having to make do with roots for dayz, haha. I've pretty much gotten over the fact that I'm going to have much longer roots than I would prefer, but I'm hoping I can get them to a nice length that looks more intentional than just being lazy. Also, I have this crazy cowlick right where my hair likes to part that has been giving me extra trouble since getting pregnant. I feel like my pregnancy has given it crazy extra powers of curling and standing up straight. I try my best with the flat iron and curling iron, and it stays contained at least for part of the day at most. Anyone have any tips? 
Red and White and Blue Stripes -
This coat is my new favorite thing! My aunt was kind enough to give it to me while we were in Dallas over Thanksgiving. Not only is it just an adorable coat, but it is absolutely perfect for this belly bump as it continues to grow. It seems to be one of those styles that is flattering on any body size (which honestly should be how all articles of clothing are designed if you ask me), and it's perfect for Arizona's milder winters. 
Red and White and Blue Stripes -
Red and White and Blue Stripes -
jacket // gift (similar
shirt // Gap (similar)
watch // c/o Timex
jeans // A Pea in the Pod (similar)
shoes // Urban Outfitters
Red and White and Blue Stripes -
I thought it would be fun to get my two little furballs in some photos again, but they were just not having it at all. Sylvester was trying is absolutely hardest to get away so he could go play on the grass, haha. We gave him a little outdoor playtime including a good scratching session on his favorite tree. 

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