New Year, Oh Baby

New Year Oh Baby
Why hello there, it's been a little bit hasn't it? If you follow me on Instagram then you already know the biggest news around here: Will and I are expecting our first child in April! We are pretty excited, terrified, and even slightly overwhelmed all at the same time, haha. I don't think I ever thought I could have so many emotions about one thing all at once. Thankfully, I have some absolutely amazing friends who have braved the motherhood road before me and have been answering all of my questions and helping to quell my fears.
New Year Oh Baby
This has been my go to outfit since getting a little belly. It's super casual and comfortable, perfect for working at the house or going out and running errands. I'm not going to lie, my favorite part of being pregnant so far is the AMAZINGNESS that are maternity jeans! Holy cow, I never new jeans could be so insanely comfortable! Now, I have non maternity jeans that are pretty comfy, but there has always been something that just is kind of 'meh' about them. I kind of feel like if everyone new how amazing maternity jeans are all the ladies would be wearing them all the time. Seriously, I might never go back, haha!  
New Year Oh Baby
Since finding out I was pregnant Will and I have decided to stay out in Phoenix at least a full year after bitty baby is born. The idea of packing up our lives, computers, cats, and a newborn into the Scamp and spending a week or so driving across country back to the mountain for half the year feels a little too daunting. While we are going to miss going back to the mountain we are excited to be around family and friends for the first year of our kid's life. I have a feeling we will be definitely needing and extra hand or two, hehe.
New Year Oh Baby
sweater // A Pea in A Pod
shirt // Target (similar)
jeans // Macy's
shoes // Urban Outfitters 
New Year Oh Baby
(obligatory pregnant shot, which I couldn't actually take seriously haha!)

With the impending arrival of bitty baby I've started thinking a lot about this blog and where I want to go with it. I don't know if the idea of a Mommy Blog is something I want to do, but then at the same time I'm sure baby stuff will come up because, well, it's going to become a huge part of my everyday life. I feel like some of the best blogs are the ones that create a really nice balance between what their blog was before the baby and after. I'm hoping I can find that nice middle ground because I definitely am bummed when a blogger I dig after having a kid goes to 100% baby all of the time. So what I'm saying is hopefully there will still be plenty of cat related posts around here haha!

So how has 2016 been treating you all so far?! 

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