Day Tripping - Sedona AZ

Day Tripping - Sedona AZ-
Friday Will and I were lucky enough to accompany our friend Megan on a photo shoot up in Sedona. It was a ton of fun, and basically the perfect day to do it. The temperature was in the 60's when we got there and the sun was shining. It's kind of crazy that this beautiful place is only about 2 hours away from us down here in Phoenix. I'm hoping once bitty baby is here (and probably a little older) we can make a day trip up for some beautiful views and fun hiking. 
Day Tripping - Sedona AZ-
Day Trippin - Sedona AZ-
Messy hair has basically been my go to lately. I've been feeling a little meh when it comes to my hair, maybe it's just hormones, but I can't seem to get it looking right ever. It gets this totally sassy little attitude and just rebels. Not even all the hairspray in the world can do anything to control it. Ughs, it's super annoying! Hopefully, this phase will pass quickly and I can be ok with whatever my hair wants to do, haha. 
Day Tripping - Sedona AZ-
Day Tripping - Sedona AZ-
coat // gift (similar)
shirt // Target
jeans // A Pea in the Pod (similar)
scarf // gift
watch // c/o Timex
shoes // Converse 
Day Tripping - Sedona AZ-
So I am pretty sure any type of "real" pregnancy photos we try to take are going to come out with me looking/laughing like a crazy person, haha. I just can't take myself too seriously when trying to pose, props to all the ladies who end up with these gorgeous maternity photos. I think we might have Megan try to take some for us, and if anyone is able to catch me not being totally goofballs it's her. I think I'd be pretty darn happy with goofy photos, though, because honestly that's just how we are in real life. 

What did you all do over the weekend?

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