Merry Christmas

Christmas Illustration - Will Hyler -
Will once again out did himself with this year's beyond amazing Christmas illustration. I hope you all have a very Merry Christmas!

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Shopping Small Business This Christmas

Shopping Small Business This Christmas -
1. Stay Home Club - You guys, I am so in love with all of Olivia's beautiful creations! She totally gets me and my love of not leaving the house and kitties!
2. Color Theory Shop - I can't praise Lisa enough. not only are her enamel pins fantastic, but she is one of the sweetest people ever!
3. Brighter Side Design - I'm 99.9% sure Kelsi read my mind when she created coloring stationary. It is such an amazing mash up!
4. Creature Type Pins Coloring Book - Michelle is so ridiculously talented, I actually commissioned her to make an illustration for my little family a couple years ago and she knocked it out of the park! Her new coloring book and pins are just as freaking amazing!
5. Blank Bear - Erin is another super talented illustrator who recently started making stationary and I love every single card!
6. Danielle Green - Umm I'm pretty sure you can never go wrong with a cat David Bowie glitter pin. And that yarn sheep illustration, yes!
7. Hello Miss May - These enamel pins are just everything! Too freaking cute!

One of my favorite things about Christmas is trying to find unique gifts for my friends and family, and I have always had great luck with shopping small businesses. So, I thought I would share some of my favorite small business in today's posts. Each of these amazing makers has come up with truly wonderful and unique items that are sure to put a smile on a recipient's faces. To be totally honest with you guys sometimes I have a hard time giving up the gifts, haha.

What are some of your favorite small businesses? Share in the comments below, I always love finding new shops! 

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Friday Fancies (on a Sunday)

Posts I'm LovingThis letter from Leslie Knope is giving me life right now // Walnut the whippet takes his final trip to the beach with hundreds of his friends  // Owl riding a toy pony will make you believe again // Jennifer wrote a post, and it's exactly how I feel right now // Tis the season for ALL THE COOKIES

Get In My Closet/House Please : I love the look of this jacket // This kid's cat shirt, I want // I don't know when I would ever wear this hat, but I love // The shirt dress will always be my jam // This dress // This jacket color is my everything // Bunny sweats why you not for adults?! // Fun coffee mug // This calendar would be perfect in my office

We got back from our annual Dallas Thanksgiving on Tuesday and while we had an absolute blast with family, I'm very happy to be home, even though our furnace died on us and the house is pretty cold. It's crazy when we left the temperatures were still in the 80's and high 60's at night, but now highs were in the low 60's and in the low 40's at night! At least it makes it feel a lot more like the Holiday season and now I don't have to crank down the AC to drink my hot cocoa, haha.

How was everyone's Thanksgiving? Can you guys believe we are already in December? What do you guys have planned for this Holiday season?

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Game Night - Escape Room

Game Night - Escape Room -
Now that baby man is here, getting out of the house with friends has definitely been a little harder. Thankfully, both we and our friends are huge board game fans, and we're always down for a fun game night at home. Instead of playing video games endlessly (not always a bad thing) we like to mix it up and try new types of games, so this time we gave Escape Room the Game a shot!
Game Night - Escape Room -
Inside this game there are four different stories to pick from: Prison Break, Nuclear Countdown, Temple of Aztc, and Virus. This night we chose Virus, and began by reading the short included back story to set the mood. The game officially begins with 60 minutes on the clock leaving everyone to work together to solve quite a few intertwined puzzles before the time is out. Your task is to move through the story by solving each puzzle, identifying keys, and using the keys to stop the clock. The pressure is real! To make it extra fun there's an app you can download to add a little soundtrack to each of the different themes. It really sets the mood. I'm not going to lie, it also made the game a little more stressful, but in a totally fun way.
Game Night - Escape Room -
I think what I loved about this game the most is that once the game starts you don't have any real directions. There is no "Start Here", you're just given several different pieces and left to piece it all together. It definitely took all of us a little bit to get the ball rolling, but once we got the hang of it we were scribbling down notes on pieces of paper and having a blast deciphering all the puzzles and key codes. While we tried our very best to put together all the clues before "dying", we unfortunately got stuck on Phase 3 where our time ran out. It didn't matter, though, we had a great time trying. It took us another 13 minutes or so after losing to figure it out and stop the clock from counting, haha, but we're already planning our next game night so we can tackle one of the other themes.

I had no idea what to expect, but this was a really fun hour of gaming, definitely excited to play another theme this Thanksgiving weekend with family. If you guys are looking for a new game to add to your game night rotation I highly recommend Escape Room The Game!

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Baby's First Holiday Card - Tiny Prints

Since Baby Man's arrive in April I have been trying to lay out what I hope to be some fun family traditions, and that includes getting physical Holiday Cards sent out to all of our family and friends. For the past couple of years, Will has been making some beyond amazing holiday illustrations for us to share online (which we are going to definitely keep doing), but this year I really wanted to get a photo of the whole family mailed out to everyone. We have some many wonderful photos of just Baby Man or with one of us and him, I thought this would be the perfect "excuse" to get one of everybody together, cats included, of course. Once we took our photo Tiny Prints made the rest of the process so wonderfully easy. 
Baby's First Holiday Card - Tiny Prints -
Tiny Prints has always been my go-to shop for everything card related, they have such amazing templates to choose from that just make every card so beautiful, and this year's holiday selection is no different. I narrowed it down to their new personalized foil stamped cards, the glitter cards, and the classic foil stamped cards. What I love about each type of card was that the personalized foil stamp makes your name stand out in a beautiful way, and the glitter cards are just so freaking fun and sparkly. We picked out Tiny Print's classic foil stamped cards because I thought it just looked perfect with our photo. 
Baby's First Holiday Card - Tiny Prints -
To make things even easier Tiny Prints now offers free receipt addressing on all custom envelopes! I'm pretty sure they must have read my mind because writing out all those addresses is probably one of the major reasons I don't get out all the holiday cards I want to. Now I only have to put the stamps on, seal those bad boys up, and place them out in the mailbox. Easy peasy.
Baby's First Holiday Card - Tiny Prints -
I just have to say I love how everyone, including the cats, is looking at Baby Man while he is smiling at the camera! It was just a happy little accident that we all ended up doing that. And I just have to mention that we might have some of the best-behaved cats out there. They are just so tolerant of all my photo taking. Everything together just makes my heart smile!
Baby's First Holiday Card - Tiny Prints -
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I was selected for this opportunity as a member of CLEVER and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

Baby's First Halloween - Sleeping Beauty Family Costume

For baby man's first Halloween I went all out with our family costumes, making us all characters from Sleeping Beauty. I went as Aurora, Will as Prince Philip, and baby man as the owl wearing Prince Phillip's clothes from the dancing scene in the movie. 
When I say I went all out, I mean that I went all out and handmade almost every single piece of all three of our outfits! For a while there it felt like my eyes were way bigger than my abilities, but I lucked out as my mother-in-law was in town. She was able to hang out with baby man will I went into crafting craziness. All in all, I think I spent about five days or so getting all the fabric, designing everything, and putting it all together.

On Halloween, we did a very quick trick or treating adventure with family. Baby man's naps had become a little screwed up that day, so we didn't want to push it. It was a great time, nevertheless, and Will and I cannot wait till next year to do it all over again! 

What did you all dress up as for Halloween? If you shared your pictures online leave the link below, I'd love to see all of them!

Life Lately

Last week we had our favorite North Westerners down from Portland for a visit and it was absolutely wonderful. It was a super chill long weekend, pool days, parks days, and movies nights, it was perfection! So I thought I would play a little catch up on the blog of what has been going on over here. 

Daily : The weather here in Phoenix is getting so nice we are taking full advantage of it with morning walks, and Felix is now big enough to sit in the stroller without the bucket seat

Drinking : Lots and lots of coffee, haha. My friend Megan recently turned me onto LavAzza espresso and I am all kinds of obsessed. 

Eating : Some yummy freezer meals Will has been making. Will has been amazing at making both of us a week's worth of lunches and dinners and freezing them each week so we don't have to worry about the age old question of "What's for dinner?". 

Watching : Westworld! Ahhh have you guys seen it yet?! So freaking good. 

Baby : Little man is officially sleeping in his nursery and the transition went better than I expected. He's growing up so fast! 😭😭 

Working on : Our Halloween costumes!! Eeee! I have a grand family costume idea and I'm just hoping I can pull it off.

What are you guys planning on being this Halloween?

Cocoa Puffs Krispie Treats

I have a mega sweet tooth and always have (I blame my dad, the king of Pie for dinner haha). I think one of my all-time favorite treats are any kind of Rice Krispies treat. So, I thought I would share one of my favorite twists on the ordinary Krispies treats: the Cocoa Puffs Treats! They're just like the original and so easy to make.
Cocoa Puffs Krispie Treats -

1/2 bag of Cocoa Puffs
3 Tbs butter
1 10oz bag of Marshmallows

Melt the butter in a pan (big enough for the marshmallows) on the stove, once melted add the marshmallows making sure to stir constantly. Once the marshmallows have melted remove from heat and pour in 1/2 a bag of Cocoa Puffs. Stir together then place in a greased pan and flatten with a greased spatula. Generously apply sprinkles on top. 
Cocoa Puffs Krispie Treats -
These guys are so ooey, gooey, and pretty darn heavenly. I'm not going to lie, it took all my willpower to not eat all of them before I got a chance to photograph them, and I definitely ate one the second we finished, haha! Like I said before, I have a MAJOR sweet tooth and it's pretty much my downfall. 
Cocoa Puffs Krispie Treats -
Of course, photos could not be taken without an inspection from one Sylvester, aka Bo-Bo. We had to hold him up so he could sniff everything and lose interest in it, otherwise, he would have jumped up on the table and knocked everything onto the ground.

Do you guys ever use different cereal for your Krispies Treats? If so what kind? I'd love to find some more to make :)

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Getting Comfortable in My Postpartum Body

Getting Comfortable in My Postpartum Body -
I never gave much thought to how my body would look and feel after having Felix, I just knew it would be different. Since having Felix almost 4 months ago I am back down to my pre-pregnancy weight, but my body totally doesn't look like it use to (for obvious reasons). It's this weird kind of mind fuck, my formerly loose comfy shorts are now my fit/almost a little tight shorts, and my fit like a glove shirt now fits like a glove 2 sizes too small. At times it has kind of sucked trying to figure out my postpartum body. There have been lots of days spent in PJs, but recently I feel like I've begun to really feel comfortable in my new body. So here I am, 32 and trying to find my new fashion groove. 
Getting Comfortable in My Postpartum Body -
This outfit has definitely been a staple since having Felix, nursing top, jean vest, and this sweet mustard yellow skirt. This nursing top makes feeding Felix in public so much easier than wearing a nursing bra and pulling my shirt up. I just throw on my scarf cover, pop the strap and Felix gets fed without me having to show off my stomach to the whole place, haha.
Getting Comfortable in My Postpartum Body -
vest (similar) // Forever 21
nursing top // H&M
skirt (green verson) // ModCloth
pin // Creature Type
shoes // Nordstrom
Getting Comfortable in My Postpartum Body -
This outfit also works pretty well with a pair of jeans that I really love too. Chances are if you ran into me two days in a row you would probably see me wearing this same outfit both times, ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ . Do you guys have a go-to outfit that you wear maybe a little too often too? 

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National Chocolate Pecan Pie Day!

National Chocolate Pecan Pie Day -
Today is National Chocolate Pecan Pie Day, which can only mean that officially everything has a national day, haha. Hey, I'm not complaining, what better reason is there to indulge in some yummy pie than on its nation day. So, in honor of Nation Chocolate Pecan Pie Day I am re-sharing my chocolate pecan pie recipe from for way back in 2014. Enjoy!
National Chocolate Pecan Pie Day -

Pie Crust (I used store bought but when I do make my own crust I always use this recipe)
1/2 cup brown sugar
1/2 cup white sugar (if you like sweeter pecan pies use 3/4 cup)
4 Tbs melted butter
5 Tbs vanilla
3 eggs 
1/2 cup light corn syrup (if you like sweeter pecan pies use 1 cup)
2 cups pecans
10 dark chocolate minis (I used the individually wrapped ones from the Hershey's variety bag)

Preheat your oven to 350. While the oven is heating mix together the sugars, butter, vanilla, eggs, and light corn syrup, mix on medium speed until well combined. While your ingredients are mixing go ahead and place your dough in your 9" pie pan. Next, break up your dark chocolate and place on the dough, then cover with pecans. 
You can use either whole pecans or break them up by hand. Lastly ,pour your wet mixture over pecans and chocolate.

Cover pie with tinfoil and cook for 20 minutes, remove tin foil and cook for an addition 25-30 minutes (keep an eye on the crust to make sure it doesn't burn as all ovens are different). If the pie still has some jiggle to it then cover with tinfoil and cook for another 15 minutes. Let cool (personally, I think it tastes best cold) add a little whipped cream and enjoy.

Let me know if you give it a try!

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Favorite Stores for Baby Clothes

Favorite Stores for Baby Clothes - Target, Carter's, H&M -

When we first had Felix we didn't really have to buy him much in the clothes department thanks to the baby shower and hand-me-downs from friends and family. Then Felix started to put on the pounds, gaining about a pound a week, and though the pediatrician was all kinds of thrilled about his process we started to run out of clothes. Even the larger sizes, 6+ month, sizes started to grow too tight on our little 3 1/2 month old, haha! 

The other day I finally had to break down and go find him some clothes that fit him, so I thought I would share my favorite stores to get baby clothes. 

Favorite Stores for Baby Clothes - Target, Carter's, H&M -
cat shoes // dinosaur muscle shirt // lumberjack outfit :) // dinosaur long sleeve shirt // sweatpants // flamingo pants (which Felix rocks on the regular)

We have a Carter's outlet just about 20 minutes away from us, which is both lucky for Felix's style and unlucky for my bank account, haha. Carter's has a great variety of clothes and seems to always have some killer sales both in-store and online. I think my only beef with Carter's (and honestly, it's probably most stores) is they think cats are only for girls for some reason. But whatever, Felix can totally pull off those pink cat shoes. 
Favorite Stores for Baby Clothes - Target, Carter's, H&M -
pineapple swim trunks // frog and turtle onsies // hedgehog backpack // monster onsies // cat shirt (because all the cat shirts) // bib and hat set

I feel like Target has really been stepping up their baby clothing game as of late with designs from Oh Joy. They're Super cute, stylish, and won't break the bank, so count me in. At this rate Felix will be outgrowing even the 12 month outfits I got him in a matter of weeks, haha. 
Favorite Stores for Baby Clothes - Target, Carter's, H&M -
tiger and stars onsies // never grow up sweater // see ya later short sleeve sweatshirt // green jersey pants // doggy shoes // kitty outfit // milk sweatshirt

I feel like H&M in the Mecca for adorable and stylish looking clothes. I swear, 90% of what I find I am seriously wishing they had in my size. Case in point: that never grow up sweater. So freaking cute!

There you have it, my top stores for getting both cute and sometimes super cheap clothes for my little one. What are some of your favorite stores for baby clothes?

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Disclaimer - This post uses affiliate links to things I am currently own or am digging and clicking on and or purchasing via the link may result in compensation for this site. 

Baby's First Road Trip Flagstaff, Arizona

Baby's First Road Trip Flagstaff Arizona -
Over the weekend my brother invited us on a little getaway with his family up north to Flagstaff, and with the weather being still all hot and gross down here in Phoenix we jumped at the chance! Felix's first official road trip was greenlit and I think he had a pretty fun time. Well, as much fun as a 3-month-old can have, haha.
Baby's First Road Trip Flagstaff Arizona -
We spent the majority of the first day at the park because the weather was absolutely gorgeous. If you are looking for a good park in Flagstaff definitely check out Bushmaster Park, it is AMAZING! 10 out of 10, will play there again :)  
Baby's First Road Trip Flagstaff Arizona -
Baby's First Road Trip Flagstaff Arizona -
The next morning Felix put on his Sunday best and we went out exploring downtown Flagstaff. A highlight was this fairly amazing mural featuring NAU lumberjacks as well as an actual lumberjack. As you can see Felix was totally thrilled by this mural and definitely wasn't asleep during our whole walk around downtown haha.
Baby's First Road Trip Flagstaff Arizona -
On our way back down to Phoenix we stopped off at Rock Springs Cafe for some yummy pie, though we weren't the only ones that thought this was a good idea. The wait lasted about 20 minutes in the blistering heat just to get a table. Was it worth it? Oh yes, it most certainly was. I don't think we have ever eaten pie so quickly, there was no savoring for us. 

Felix did an amazing job our his first road trip and it gives me high hopes that our flight out to Illinois at the end of the month for a family reunion will go just as smoothly. Keep your fingers crossed for us.

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Friday Fancies (On Saturday)

This week has been a bit of a rough one, to say the least. I've been dealing with a lot of issues with our health insurance company and there have been lots of calls back and forth trying to get stuff straightened out, I think they are finally admitting to their mistakes. Ughs adulting is hard. 

Anyways I'm hoping to have a nice relaxing weekend with my two favorite fellas, cats, one giant glass of sangria (or three), and lots of baked goodies :) What are you all up to this weekend? Anything fun?

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Japan Funbox

Japan Funbox -
I was recently contacted by the awesome people over at Japan Funbox to see if I would like to do a little review of one of their monthly subscription boxes, and of course, I jumped at the chance! Not only am I all about wonderful snacks and sweet treats, I'm definitely all about trying another country's offerings! 
Japan Funbox -
Japan Funbox sent me over one of their Mini boxes which have anywhere between 5 - 7 snacks (mine came with 6) and goes for $14.99 a month, which includes free shipping from Japan. There are two other options that come with more snacks as well as crafts. There was definitely quite a variety in my box ranging from potato chips to chocolate. Thankfully it came with a little handout describing each item because I had a couple pieces that I wouldn't have been able to identify without it. So far we have tried the pizza flavored and the taffy, both of which were super tasty. I really liked the box though I wish they offered a subscription for every other month, for me that would be more than enough to enjoy. Overall I think it's a great little way to 'treat yo self' or treat a friend. 

If you dig subscription boxes give Japanese Candy & Snack Box - Japan Funbox a try, it's interesting and fun! 
Japan Funbox - littleladylittlecity.comJapan Funbox -
Both Wigs and Sylvester thought the goodies were for them, but honestly, they pretty much think everything is for them haha! As a bonus, here's a little behind the scenes photo I shared on Instagram the other day. Taking photos for the blog has become a little more time consuming between getting the cats out of the shot and dealing with the little fella when he is over waiting for me to get the "perfect" shots haha. 

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Disclaimer - While I was given the Japan Funbox Mini Box for free in exchange for a review all opinions are my own. Thank you for supporting the sites that help me run Little Lady Little City.

Life Lately

Life Lately -
Life around here has both been busy and idle at the same time (if that makes sense). Felix has only been here for 10 weeks and 6 days, but it already feels like he's been here forever. It's such a bizarre feeling. Ever since he arrived back in April we have been figuring out our new daily schedule which is slowly been working itself out. Thankfully, both Will and I work from home so we can definitely tag team most baby related things, and that is super nice for sure. Right now our biggest hurdle is getting his nap time to happen for longer than 30 minutes without him having to be sleeping on me. While I would absolutely love to have our little fella snuggled up on me all day every day it does get incredibly draining not have any time to yourself. As I write this he is currently napping by himself, but it looks like he might be waking up. Fingers crossed he puts himself back to sleep. 

We've started to do a little swimming every other day with Felix (we got him a little floaty thing to sit in) and it seems like he is really digging it. Lots of splashing, it's kind of the cuties thing ever. Yesterday we went over to my dad's to celebrate his first 4th of July with some more pool time and BBQ for us :) We were even able to see some fireworks from our front yard. Maybe next year we will head on down to the park and watch the full fireworks show with Felix. 

Hope everyone had a great 4th!

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Betsey Johnson for Babies R Us

Betsey Johnson for Babies R Us -
Last weekend I was invited to a sneak peek of Betsey Johnson's new kids collection for Babies R Us. I've always been a huge fan of Betsey Johnson, but had no idea that she has a kids collection and it's just as freaking adorable as you would think. I mean, just take a look at the collection below:
Betsey Johnson for Babies R Us -
These are just some of the freaking incredible looks that are in the collection. I'm not going to lie, I definitely wish these outfits came in adult sizes because I would be rocking them all, all of the time.
Betsey Johnson for Babies R Us -
Little man ended up sleeping through the whole show, but he got some sweet swag, so I don't think he is too upset, hehe.

So what do you guys think of the collection? Which one is your favorite?

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