Oh Hai! A Road Trip Recap

Oh Hai a Road Trip Recap - Littleladylittlecity.com
Long time no write, am I write? Haha! Well we have almost made it back to the mountain, but we had a detour up to the Boston area for a wedding before heading back down to Delaware to spend sometime with Will's parents. As usual, I had good intentions of doing at least a couple posts while traveling, but once we were on the road I basically said screw it and just enjoyed the ride. Best decision ever! Seriously, I just enjoyed the sites, my sir, and the cats. It was wonderful. However, I'm back now with a little bit of an update from our travels. 
In past years we've done our cross country trip at lightening speed (we've done it about 6 times, so we've seen almost everything we want to see on that drive already), and usually we just want to make it to the other side asap. This time, though, we decided to slow things down and not kill ourselves. It was pretty nice having our little camper with us and not have to take clothes, cat stuff, and, computer stuff out of the car and into a hotel room every night. Just rolling up to our campsite, kicking back, and relaxing right away can be pretty nice. Even so, we are still pretty darn exhausted from the driving.
Oh Hai a Road Trip Recap - Littleladylittlecity.com
Oh Hai a Road Trip Recap - Littleladylittlecity.com
Wigs and Sylvester once again proved themselves to be amazing little travelers. Sylvester, in fact, has come leaps and bounds from our last drive across country. Usually he likes to hide under the passenger seat for at least the first 4 to 5 hours of the drive, but this time he only hid under the seat for about 5 minutes before climbing up on the back seat and stretching out. I have a feeling they are pretty excited to not be a car at least for the next couple of days too, hehe.

So what have you all been up too since I've been away? Share your posts in the comments I would love to check them all out! 

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