DIY All Natural Sunscreen

I'm excited to have the lovely Johanna back on the blog today, sharing a great All Natural Sunscreen Recipe with you all. So without further ado take it away Johanna. 

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DIY All Natural Sunscreen -
If you’ve ever been to the Seattle area in the summer. you know two things: 1: Western Washington summers are literally a slice of heaven, and 2: We’re all astoundingly pale. We get so little sun 9 months out of the year that by the time shorts weather rolls around, if we spend more than 10 minutes in the sun we fry. 

I’ve always been fairly sun-conscious, but a few years ago when we had our twin girls I reached a whole new level. We didn’t even go grocery shopping without slathering sunscreen all over our precious babes’ sensitive, lily white skin. But then I started reading about commercial sun screen, and all the crap that is in it. Did you know your sunscreen could actually be really harmful? In fact, if you buy commercial sunscreen, odds are that it is. So I was on a hunt for a better solution, and this winter when I started using essential oils, I found one. 
DIY All Natural Sunscreen -
Carrot seed oil packs quite a natural SPF punch! In fact, according to an article published in “Pharmacognosy Magazine” in 2009, it carries an SPF of approximately 30-34. That’s crazy! Using coconut oil as the base, which has an estimated SPF of 4-6, you’ve got yourself some excellent coverage. 

The studies on natural substances and sun protection are pretty preliminary, and the SPF are just estimates, so when we started out with this I was pretty cautious. It’s not waterproof, so we reapply often if we’re in and out of the water, or sweating a lot. But the whole family has been using it for months and we haven’t gotten even a little bit pink, which I consider a resounding success! 

DIY Sunscreen

2 cups unrefined coconut oil
25 drops carrot seed essential oil
10 drops peppermint essential oil

Mix all ingredients into the bowl of a stand mixture with a whisk attachment, and whip until completely combined. Store in a glass or metal container below 70 degrees (coconut oil will melt if it gets above 70 F, which won’t effect the SPF but will be harder to apply).

To learn more about how we use essential oils and how to purchase them, visit our website.

{None of the statements made here have been evaluated by the FDA. This is what works for our family, but that doesn’t mean it will work the same for you. I’m not a doctor, and I would never presume to prescribe, diagnose, or treat any ailment or disease. Essential oils are powerful natural tools, please do your own independent research. I am always available to answer questions at}

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