Your Body is a Temple - Decorate It - Guest Post

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Hello, friends! I'm Cat from Oddly Lovely, and despite the fact that I'm here sharing eight outfits, I'm not actually a fashion blogger. I'm too broke to afford anything other than the occasional Kate Spade clutch, 2/3 days I wear jeans and a tee, and my style seems unable to decide if it's whimsical hipster, literary prep, or sophisticated punk rock. But I do believe in the power of a thoughtful outfit to uplift your mood and make you feel unstoppable (which we all need sometimes).

Mostly, I'm a lifestyle blogger, a term invented to say "I talk about such a ridiculously wide variety of topics they cannot possibly be contained any by word other than 'life.'" So what does this mean in practice? Oddly Lovely is an honest space that isn't afraid of real topics like birth control or breakups, but also isn't so snobby it won't touch on a good recipe or a list of Netflix recommendations or, of course, an outfit.

I believe smart girls can watch too much TV, spend too much on clothes, and throughly enjoy a fancy cocktail (or two). We have this idea as a society that being into fashion makes you superficial, but if your body is a temple, then why not decorate it? It's the biggest canvas you have! If we have no choice than to be objectified as women, then we might as well use our appearance to declare who we are and wear it as a badge of honor.

As I said recently when discussing how to live a more magical life:

Wear jewelry that reminds you of a special moment or a special person or just makes you feel special. Dye your hair purple or chop it off. Use fancy lotion. Exercise often, but don’t ever feel anything except proud of your breasts or your stomach or your arms. Dress the way that you want to feel. Never let someone else dictate the way you look. Try a top you’d swear you’d never wear. Try a cat eye. Try a bold red lip. Wear heels that make you feel like a sex goddess. Wear bangles that make music when you walk.
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  1. Great post! Love Cat's blog, and love her description of what a "lifestyle blog" is. Lots of times I've said to myself that I am not/cannot be a lifestyle blogger, because I have nothing to say to people about how they should live--I barely make it out the door in a clean shirt some days. Thinking about it as a "life" blog that's just about living thoughtfully and appreciatively and engaging with others in the world makes more sense and has more significance to me.

  2. I love this! Great post! Totally following her now!

  3. I couldn't agree with you more!


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