Arizona House!

Arizona House -

Long time no see, or rather write, I guess hehe. So, I took a little break from blogging not really because I wanted to, but because for the past week I was too exhausted to write anything as we finally finished up our little Arizona home enough to move in!! Ahhhh!! I'm over the moon excited!!

We bought this little place last year and have been slowly fixing her up while in Arizona. And, oh boy, did she need some work. Our place was built in the 60's and nothing had been updated since. The floor plan was designed, I assume, to be super awesome for the time period (hello pocket doors haha). Needless to say, it has been a lot of hard work getting it to where it is today. Super long days during demo, and then equally long days rebuilding.

Our house is still totally a disaster zone but instead of dust and wreckage, it's now littered with furniture, computers, clothes, and pictures all waiting to be placed in their new spot Unfortunately, I think it's going to be a little bit before we can get everything all organized and put away. We took about a week off of work to get the house finished enough and ready for us to move in, so now work is banging down our doors. Of course, that isn't a bad thing at all, but I just wish we could have another couple of days off to finish everything, I hate being in a weird flux.

Wigs and Sylvester have been adjusting wonderfully to the new house. Wigs is an old pro at this point when it comes to adapting quickly to new surroundings while Sylvester definitely takes a little bit longer to feel comfortable. Thankfully, putting out all of his favorite toys and his window hammock has made him feel more and more comfortable at the new house.

Hopefully by next week I will be able to get back into a normal blogging routine. 

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  1. Congrats! That is so exciting!

  2. How exciting! I can't wait until we can buy a little place to make our own.

  3. Moving into a new house is always a fun adventure! I can't wait to see a home tour post ;)

    Dara | Hola Darla | @DarlaOct


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