Pajama Time

Pajama Time -
Christmas this year, though I felt like I was going to die due to sickness, was a lot of fun. All week we watched our nephew Reid (who I am pretty sure was the "gifter" of my illness, haha), so there was lots of playing with toys, singing, and little to no work getting done. When we were kids Mom and Dad gave us PJs the night before, so on Christmas Eve I decided to reignite the tradition again. The whole family opened up the PJ bottoms you see above, and it was a big hit.

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Christmas day we opened our gifts, went to family friends for brunch, and then just when we were about to go out to dinner, I began to crash. Out of nowhere I suddenly had a sore throat, body aches, and a headache, which forced me to stay home while the rest of the family enjoyed dinner. Bleh, it was no fun. The entire next day I spent my time cuddled up with the kitties in bed "watching" Alias. Truthfully, I think I probably slept through more episodes than I actually watched. However, I have started to turn the corner, and now my only symptom is sounding like a boy going through puberty. As a treat to myself once my throat felt better, Will and I went to In n Out, and I'm pretty sure the kids working there really had keep from laughing at me while I ordered, haha. 

The rest of the weekend has been pretty lazy, lots of tea drinking, and Gilmore Girls watching. It's been kind of the best. Speaking of Gilmore Girls I completely forgot they were trying to make a Jess spin off about him and his estranged father in Venice Beach, CA. They did kind of an in-show pilot to set it up towards the end of season 3. I found this little clip from that aborted pilot, and it's pretty meh, so maybe it's a good thing it didn't move forward?

Anyways, despite getting sick over Christmas it was a great deal of fun being with family and having a good time. What did you all do for Christmas? 

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  1. My Christmas was much busier this year than it has ever been before. I come from a really quiet, low-key family, but this was the year that my partner and I have been together "long enough" for me to be included in Christmas family festivities. That meant we had Christmas Eve with my family, Christmas Day with one side of his family, and Boxing Day with the other side. Utterly exhausting and A LOT to take in and get used to, but a good time nonetheless.

    I just started Gilmore Girls not that long ago (how did it take me this long to find it?? Clearly I'm way behind the times!)

    Hope you're feeling better - take care of yourself!!

    xx Kathryn

  2. I'm sorry you were sick! What a bummer. We didn't see any family on Christmas this year, which was weirdly nice. I love spending time with my family but it was really relaxing to not have any plans.

  3. Speaking of Gilmore, today I just started listening to a podcast called Gilmore Guys where they recap episodes. One of the guys is a fan, the other is watching each one for the first time. I am only one episode in, but I am gonna keep listening!

  4. Oh wow that sounds like both a fun and exhausting Christmas!!

    I remember watching at least a couple seasons of Gilmore Girls when it was first on, but then stopped, probably because of school or something. So I'm so excited to get to see it from start to finish!

  5. Yeah it was a bummer but I still made sure I had some fun :)

  6. Gilmore Guys? I've never heard of that before, will definitely check it out! Thanks for the heads up!


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