Holiday Pet Gift Guide

Holiday Pet Gift Guild -
1. Cat Grass - I don't know about your cats but both Wigs and Sylvester lose it for this stuff. There have been several times when I've found them sleeping on it haha. Not only do they love this stuff but it's also good for their bellies so it's a win win. 

2. Deshedding Tool - My brother has this for their dog, Brooklyn and it is INCREDIBLE! Seriously, with the amount of hair that comes off him I could make a whole other dog, it's crazy. And as an added bonus Brooklyn loves being brushed.

3. Treats - If all else fails you can never go wrong with treats! (TemptationsDog Bone

4. Shark Bed - I feel like this one is pretty self explanatory because, honestly, how could you go wrong with a freaking shark bed for your cat/dog?! 

5. Toys - Sylvester loses his little mind with the GoCat Feather Toy. It has become a tradition that when we get up in the morning Will runs around the house with the feather toy while he chases. I'm talking about Sylvester doing some parkour style moves trying to catch the feather, it's quite the show. (FrisbeeMidnight Crazies)

6. COSTUMES! - I am a firm believer that you should dress up your pets, which is why I dress up Wigs and Sylvester in holiday related costumes. Usually when buying and outfit the sales people say 'Oh, are you dressing up your dog?' I quickly respond with 'Nope my cats' and they return with 'Oh well ok.' Yup, I'm one of those nutty ladies dressing up her cats and I don't care who knows haha! (SantaElf)

7. Bark Box and Kitnip Box - While I have personally never used either of these services I have heard nothing but glowing recommendations and absolutely love the idea! Sometimes it can get a little overwhelming when you go to Petsmart with the amount of pet toys they have, so it seems like it would be really nice to get a box once a month filled with new treats for your pets to try out. 

I know everyone and their mother are sharing posts about what to buy for the guys and gals in your life (I might even be sharing one or two later) but I, for one, wanted to share a little of the holiday love with my cats. I'm pretty sure I love giving the gifts to them more than they appreciate receiving them, but whatevers haha. Do you guys do anything special for your pets? 

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  1. What a great gift guild! My cat is super obsessed with cat grasses. He pretty much eats it all as soon as I give it to him, haha.

  2. That shark bed is just too. amazing. for. words!!

    As for pet brushes, I've only ever used the furminator on my cats but it really does do wonders! Even on the Siamese (who have almost no hair) so much comes off ... but they love it and their coats look super sleek and shiny.

    Thanks for sharing these picks!
    xx Kathryn

  3. Cat grass is seriously the best!

  4. I've been wanting to steal my brothers and give it a try on our cats, I think we could probably make serval other cats from the hair that comes off of them haha!


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