Cruising Down the Road

1. Woke up from our first night of camping to a winter wonderland. Driving in snow is no fun, especially when towing a camper.
2. So happy we only had to drive a couple of hours in the snow until we were out of it.
3. The kikis in the parked camper enjoying sleep while not driving down bumpy roads.
4. Sylvester using Will's hip as a stool to help him see out the window better.
5. Enjoy all the Christmas lights outside a restaurant in Dallas. They sure know how to decorate their trees.

We made it safe and sound to Dallas where we are getting a couple days of relaxation/eating way too much delicious food/running around with five girls all under the age of ten, before heading out on the last leg of our journey back to Phoenix. I always have so much fun hanging out with my extended family during the Thanksgiving week. What did you all do over Thanksgiving? 

x's and o's

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  1. Waking up to snow from camping would not be fun! I mean, I love snow, but not while camping! I'm glad you made it safely back, though!


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