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Every so once in a while I have shared a movie review or even a list of my favorite holiday related things to watch, and I've really enjoyed writing them. Because we work from home on things that don't require sound we will watch tv shows or movies throughout the day. So, as a combination of those two things, I've decided to start a new reoccurring little series in which I talk about what I'm currently watching. I'm talking ones I'm loving, guilty pleasures, and even the ones I'm still on the fence with. To kick this new series off I'm going to share a show I am so in love with: A to Z.
What I'm Watching A to Z - littleladylittlecity.com
Ok before you roll your eyes at me, let me just tell you I am such a sucker for romantic comedies. I don't know why but even really bad ones can get me all teary eyed (they know the way to my heart strings I guess). But there is something more than that when it comes to A to Z. It's so well written, funny, and the characters/actors are incredibly likable. It's a credit to the extremely talented Ben Feldman (Mad Men, Drop Dead Diva guilty please, hehe) and Christin Milioti (the mother from HIMYM). While both their characters are a little on the extreme sides of their personalities (him a super romantic and her a super realist) it works without feeling like they are just parodies of real people. 
What I'm Watching A to Z - littleladylittlecity.com
This show also uses the secondary characters so well. One of my pet peeves is having a group of secondary charters that are just there to be the punchline or just for the sake of it, but A to Z's second string have purpose and help to move the story forward. They're pretty darn hilarious along the way. I love this show so much that I make it our lunch break show so I won't be distracted by anything else.

Another thing that I love about this show (which might be the weirdest reason to like a show) is the opening credits, which are incredibly beautiful. Maybe it's because I have an idea of just how much work went into creating it, but I just can't get over the style and details in it. The popup alphabet is just perfect with the zooming into each corresponding letter in the episode name. Now, you might be wondering why I shared the entire pilot episode. Two reasons: one is I think I am one of the few people who love the opening because I can't seem to find any video of just the opening, so I had to go to extreme lengths to make it available for you. The second is I think you should really just watch the whole episode. It's amazing.
This show is totally on the bubble of being canceled but I really hope NBC gives it a chance, I mean, Parks and Rec wasn't as good and had some not so great ratings it's first season too and look at the amazing show it became. I really think the lack of viewers doesn't have anything to do with the quality of the show but rather its time slot. It's up against the juggernauts that are Thursday Night Football and Scandal. Whether or not you like the show keep your fingers crossed for me because I will be one unhappy camper if this delightful weekday treat gets canceled. Welp the show got cancled over the weekend. Excuse me while I go drown my sorrows in 1/2 priced Halloween candy.

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YAY! Now I can eat my 1/2 priced Halloween candy the way it's meant to be eaten with gleeful joy!


  1. I've watched a couple episodes but I wasn't blown away. However, I absolutely am down to give it a chance. At least I have 8 more episodes to see. :] // itsCarmen.com ☼ ☯

  2. Awww, that last paragraph was heartbreaking in my reader, when I clicked over to commiserate, and I saw the good news! Maybe it will fight an Arrested Development-esque battle :)

  3. Yay I'm happy to hear you are still willing to give it a chance even though you didn't really care for the first couple of episodes!

  4. Haha I was pretty bummed when it was first reported as canceled for sure. Fingers crossed!!

  5. Oooh Im a sucker for romantic comedies and I watched her on HIMYM so Im totally willing to give it a shot. And I know that feeling of a show you just started to love possibly getting cancelled all too well


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