Scamp 2.0

1975 Scamp Travel Trailer -
Unfortunately, I totally didn't have a chance to work on this week's Fancies. Work seriously has been so insane. This time last year we pretty much didn't have any major jobs on the horizon and just enjoyed our trip back to AZ. This year we've booked two major jobs within days of each other, so we have been glues to our computers (my eyes are definitely not happy with me). Instead of missing another posting day I thought I would share with you something else that has been taking a lot of our time: our new Scamp! 

We were lucky enough to find the craigslist ad for her before she was scooped up, and even more lucky that Will's parents were willing to go and check her out for us since it was for sale back in DE, haha. We are so excited to have a little Scamp again. Scamp 2.0 is a 1974 and despite being 40 years old is in pretty good shape structurally. She just needs some some TLC which we are currently doing. We're completely redoing the inside, and I am sure there will be some before and after photos making an appearance on here in the coming weeks.

x's and o's


  1. Yay for Scamp 2.0! I'm glad that you scored it :) I hope you will be able to share a little bit more of the inside/outside once the little renovations are done & when you do have more free time, hope its starting to slow down a little bit!

  2. Absolutely, I've been taking some pictures so I cannot wait to share the before/after and some of the process.


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