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1 // I just had to share it again because it's too perfect. Every morning for the past couple of weeks Will has been taking Sylvester outside and running around with him and it's just about the cutest thing ever. But this weekend was so cold and wet we had to stop, and he is one little unhappy camper. Thankfully, next week is suppose to be warmer so we he can frolic once again outside.

2 // Sylvester checking out the pumpkin, I think he thinks that we bought it as a new toy for him, haha.

3 // Wigs just being the sassiest queen on the mountain.

4 // Will looking as if he is posing for an oil painting and looking super handsome while doing so. Swoon.

5 // My allergies were really acting up yesterday so I took a Benadryl, and was out for the count for a couple of hours, so Sylvester joined in my downstairs napping. Does Benadryl knock anyone else out? I seriously feel like a zombie after taking one, but it does stop me from sneezing and having to blow my nose every 30 seconds.

How was everyones weekend?

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  1. The video! ♥ My cats are too darn spunky and quick for me to gallop around like that; if I don't run at top speed, they'll be scratching up my ankles! Haha, your kitties are the cutest.

  2. Sylvester goes all out chasing the string in the house but outside he is a little more cautious thus making his hoping even more adorable haha. Yay for silly cats!

  3. Omg your kitty pictures are so great. I totally nap after benadryl, which is why I try to only take it when I REALLY need it. Theres nothing that kills a productive day more then Bendadryl

  4. You sure do have a couple of cuties! I love sleeping with cuddly kitties so much and I'm happy it's cooled down here because now our littlest one spoons with me the next few months :)

  5. Gorgeous kitties!! It always makes me so happy to find the blog of a fellow Cat Lady :)

    I'm the same way with Benedryl - it absolutely knocks me out. I hate it so much but especially around springtime, I find it's one of the few things that makes my allergies bearable. Suffer through the day with awful symptoms or sleep it off? I can never decide which is worse.

    xx Kathryn


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