Custom Illustration

Creature Type Custom Illustration -
For Will's birthday gift this year I commission the the extremely skilled and talented Michelle who blogs over at Creature Type to do an illustration of us and the cats. I thought it would be really wonderful to have a custom piece hanging on our wall at our little place in Phoenix, and honestly I couldn't think of anyone better than Michelle to make it for us. Just as I knew she would, Michelle completely surpassed my expectations! I mean she completely nailed Wigs and Sylvester personalities.  I seriously couldn't imagine anything better to give to Will for his 30th birthday!  

I don't think I can express just how happy I am with how this bad boy came out. Seriously, if any of you guys are looking to get an illustration, talk to Michelle!

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You're Killing Me Roto

Officer of the Law -
Oh my goodness I feel like I have been MIA! Work has been seriously all consuming. Truth time: I have pretty much just been living in my PJs and my dinosaur sweatshirt. For the past week all I've been doing is making myself a HUGE cup of coffee than sitting myself in front of the computer for 10+ hours doing roto work, which is just so painstakingly boring. So that is what I have been up to for the past week and a half, but I'm hoping to be able to finish up some posts I've been working on later today so it's not so quite around here. Until then please enjoy the above photo of Sylvester, because it's kind of the best. 

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Scamp 2.0

1975 Scamp Travel Trailer -
Unfortunately, I totally didn't have a chance to work on this week's Fancies. Work seriously has been so insane. This time last year we pretty much didn't have any major jobs on the horizon and just enjoyed our trip back to AZ. This year we've booked two major jobs within days of each other, so we have been glues to our computers (my eyes are definitely not happy with me). Instead of missing another posting day I thought I would share with you something else that has been taking a lot of our time: our new Scamp! 

We were lucky enough to find the craigslist ad for her before she was scooped up, and even more lucky that Will's parents were willing to go and check her out for us since it was for sale back in DE, haha. We are so excited to have a little Scamp again. Scamp 2.0 is a 1974 and despite being 40 years old is in pretty good shape structurally. She just needs some some TLC which we are currently doing. We're completely redoing the inside, and I am sure there will be some before and after photos making an appearance on here in the coming weeks.

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Fall Fashion with Zappos, Freebird & Pagie

Fall Fashion with Zappos, Freebird & Pagie -
In partnership with Zappos I styled my new Paige jeans and Freebird boots into my absolute perfect fall outfit. This fall has been a bit of an odd one weather wise, I mean one day it's warm and the next day it's freezing (Fall, you been boozin?), but no matter what the crazy weather is doing you can't go wrong with a pair of classic skinny jeans and boots.
Fall Fashion with Zappos, Freebird & Pagie -
Half the year Will and I live in rural West Virginia, so getting new clothes isn't the easiest thing to do. Our closet store/mall is one state over! So that's where Zappos steps in and keeps me stylish even if it's only for Will, the cats, and the deer, haha. And I never have to worry about not liking how something fits because Zappos has a totally amazing 365 day free return policy. There's nothing worse than trying on something you bought online, hating it, and then having to pay to return it. Talk about adding salt the the wound.
Fall Fashion with Zappos, Freebird & Pagie -
boots // Freebird
jeans // Paige 

I'm pretty sure that I'm not the only lady who feels like once the temperature starts to drop it's time to break out some boots which is why I am so excited to add these amazing Freebird boots to my collection. Freebird prides themselves on using carefully selected materials, which I really like, and their extreme attention to detail with the final product totally shows. Also, they look pretty darn adorable paired with these Paige denim, if I do say so myself. As some who works in front of a computer most days I am such a sucker for a good quality pair of live-in jeans that I can rock pretty much from morning to moonlight.
Fall Fashion with Zappos, Freebird & Pagie -
You can never go wrong with braided hair in the fall or purple cotton candy hair for that matter, hehe. What are some of your favorite fall signature pieces?

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What I'm Watching

Every so once in a while I have shared a movie review or even a list of my favorite holiday related things to watch, and I've really enjoyed writing them. Because we work from home on things that don't require sound we will watch tv shows or movies throughout the day. So, as a combination of those two things, I've decided to start a new reoccurring little series in which I talk about what I'm currently watching. I'm talking ones I'm loving, guilty pleasures, and even the ones I'm still on the fence with. To kick this new series off I'm going to share a show I am so in love with: A to Z.
What I'm Watching A to Z -
Ok before you roll your eyes at me, let me just tell you I am such a sucker for romantic comedies. I don't know why but even really bad ones can get me all teary eyed (they know the way to my heart strings I guess). But there is something more than that when it comes to A to Z. It's so well written, funny, and the characters/actors are incredibly likable. It's a credit to the extremely talented Ben Feldman (Mad Men, Drop Dead Diva guilty please, hehe) and Christin Milioti (the mother from HIMYM). While both their characters are a little on the extreme sides of their personalities (him a super romantic and her a super realist) it works without feeling like they are just parodies of real people. 
What I'm Watching A to Z -
This show also uses the secondary characters so well. One of my pet peeves is having a group of secondary charters that are just there to be the punchline or just for the sake of it, but A to Z's second string have purpose and help to move the story forward. They're pretty darn hilarious along the way. I love this show so much that I make it our lunch break show so I won't be distracted by anything else.

Another thing that I love about this show (which might be the weirdest reason to like a show) is the opening credits, which are incredibly beautiful. Maybe it's because I have an idea of just how much work went into creating it, but I just can't get over the style and details in it. The popup alphabet is just perfect with the zooming into each corresponding letter in the episode name. Now, you might be wondering why I shared the entire pilot episode. Two reasons: one is I think I am one of the few people who love the opening because I can't seem to find any video of just the opening, so I had to go to extreme lengths to make it available for you. The second is I think you should really just watch the whole episode. It's amazing.
This show is totally on the bubble of being canceled but I really hope NBC gives it a chance, I mean, Parks and Rec wasn't as good and had some not so great ratings it's first season too and look at the amazing show it became. I really think the lack of viewers doesn't have anything to do with the quality of the show but rather its time slot. It's up against the juggernauts that are Thursday Night Football and Scandal. Whether or not you like the show keep your fingers crossed for me because I will be one unhappy camper if this delightful weekday treat gets canceled. Welp the show got cancled over the weekend. Excuse me while I go drown my sorrows in 1/2 priced Halloween candy.

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YAY! Now I can eat my 1/2 priced Halloween candy the way it's meant to be eaten with gleeful joy!

(My) Cats of Instagram

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(My) Cats of Instagram-
1 // I just had to share it again because it's too perfect. Every morning for the past couple of weeks Will has been taking Sylvester outside and running around with him and it's just about the cutest thing ever. But this weekend was so cold and wet we had to stop, and he is one little unhappy camper. Thankfully, next week is suppose to be warmer so we he can frolic once again outside.

2 // Sylvester checking out the pumpkin, I think he thinks that we bought it as a new toy for him, haha.

3 // Wigs just being the sassiest queen on the mountain.

4 // Will looking as if he is posing for an oil painting and looking super handsome while doing so. Swoon.

5 // My allergies were really acting up yesterday so I took a Benadryl, and was out for the count for a couple of hours, so Sylvester joined in my downstairs napping. Does Benadryl knock anyone else out? I seriously feel like a zombie after taking one, but it does stop me from sneezing and having to blow my nose every 30 seconds.

How was everyones weekend?

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