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Must Haves For Bridesmaids - Little Lady Little City
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The lovely people over at Weddington Way contacted me about putting together my perfect bridesmaids outfit, so of course I jumped at the chance. They have so many wonderful selections and colors that everyone is sure to find a dress that they love. As some of you may know, when it came to my wedding, I didn't want to force one style on my bridesmaids because I wanted them all to love what they we wearing. Instead, I gave them the wedding's color pallet and told them to go find a dress in any style they like. Not only did they all look amazing, but they were able to choose pieces that they totally still wear.

Dress - The Aubrey is a cute little number with a little sass and a whole lot of wow. I think the thing that pushed me over the top with this little lady was the pockets. I LOVE dresses with pockets, it's just super cute and practical.

Shoes - When I go to a wedding I want to make sure I'm either wearing or have an extra pair of comfy flats for all the booty shaking I'm going to be doing. And these little glitter flats are super cute. I would totally pair them with some jeans for a casual day out.

Shawl - It can get chilly as the night goes on, so a shawl is always a must, and this guy is so freaking cute. Not only would it look amazing with this dress, but freaking adorable with just about anything else.

Earring - Cute little unique earrings, need I say more?

Rings - I've always been a big fan of big bold rings, and this is the perfect way to throw in some of your own style without clashing with the rest of the outfit. Just something fun.

BB Cream - I love this stuff, it gives a nice coverage without making it look like you have something caked on your face. And having SPF 30 is definitely an added bonus.

Mascara - This is my favorite mascara, cheap and goes on great. What more can you really ask for?

Lips - Love this balm stain, it goes on silky smooth and adds a delightful pop of color.

So what do you think of my look? Is there anything you would add or do differently? 

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  1. Way cute! I'm using Weddington Way for my bridesmaids as well. I chose the color and fabric and they are choosing the style, I'm so excited!


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