Guest Post: Kick-Arse Date Ideas On The Cheap

I’m super stoked to be guest posting here on Little Lady Little City and have been a fan-girl of the blog for quite some time. My little slice of the internet is over at Just Jess May and, if you’ve read any of my posts before, you’d know that I kick around in a beachside town in Western Australia with my partner of five years, Andrew, and our pooch, a Kelpie named Max.
Like Amanda & Will, we built a house six months ago. Actually, wait. I’ll rephrase that. A builder built our house six months ago (I’m sure we would have murdered each other if we’d done it ourselves). We had the bare bones constructed for us, and we’re finishing it ourselves inside and landscaping the backyard. It is both the most amazingly rewarding experience and the most hair-tearing, tantrum inducing situation I’ve ever been in. We both work long hours at our day jobs and all spare time is spent painting/flooring/digging. To add to all of that, Andrew works in gold & copper mine here in Western Australia as an underground electrician, so works away and lives on site for eight days at a time. The six days he has at home before repeating the cycle are usually dedicated to fixing the DIY mistakes I’ve left him while trying to prove I’m helpful…

Not only is all our precious free time together going towards our love nest, all our money is going into it to. Throw an evolving, passionate relationship into that mix and you’ve all of a sudden got to get creative with your date ideas. If you only take one piece of advice from this post, please let it be this or I’m failing at what I’m trying to do over at the blog.

Don’t skimp on your time together, regardless of your finances.

“For real?! We’re paying a mortgage, I’m/He’s studying, we’re freelancers!” Trust me, I am hearing ya. You’re preaching to the choir. But there are some seriously fun (and kinky, if you wanna go down that road) things you can do together that aren’t going to cost you an arm and a leg!

Select a three course menu and cook it together - even if it's tinned soup, microwave rice and ice-cream, serve it like its a five star meal. Make sure you sit at the table, pop some candles in the middle and make it about the experience, not the food.

Cook your favourite takeaway meal - The wonders of Google! Punch in recipes for your favourite  takeaways and make them yourselves. Guilt-free junk food, yay!

Stargaze - google the constellations that can be seen in your part of the sky, grab a cozy blanket and park up outside.

Exchange DIY massages - Pick a few gorgeous essential oils, mix a few drops with some carrier oil (coconut works really well) and take it in turns giving each other a divine massage.

Have a movie marathon or tackle a TV series - Drag a mattress into the lounge room, comfy it up with all the pillows and blankets you can find and chill-ax together. Plan to stay there a while? Build a fort to hang in while you’re catching up on Sons of Anarchy.

Pick characters + a fake (but believable!) story - go and test drive a new car, visit an open home and pretend like you’re going to buy it. Make sure you’re story is believable, or you might get told to bugger off, but not so politely. Cheeky and a bit of a rush!

Geocaching - Feeling outdoorsy? Check out geocaching. A little bit adventurous and a really cool way to work as a team. Its like orienteering, high on sugar. Check you the Geocaching website, punch your location in and you’ll get given the GPS coordinates to head out and find any form or random item. 

Play a messy game of Twister - Grab some water-based (non toxic, of course) paint and cover each spot on the board. You’re going to get a bit bendy-wendy and will have no choice but to have a shower afterwards. Why not, ahem, save water while you’re at it…?

Stay home and celebrate No-Undies Sund’y - I don’t think I have to explain this one. Its probably a good idea to tell your friends and family you won’t be home so they don’t turn up unexpectedly.

Can’t decide what to do? Write a whole heap of ideas on little pieces of paper, fold them up and pop them in a jar for a lucky dip on date day. Added surprise!

Liked this post? I’ll be releasing my e-book, Quick Bit Of Lovin’, in the next few weeks. It’s chock full of ideas for busy coupes to love deeper, love sweeter + love simpler. on this wicked quick (and free!) guide. 

Hope to see you hanging around my corner of the web soon!

Jess xx

So many great ideas, thanks so much for sharing Jess! You can find Jess on her blog, twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest


  1. Bookmarking this for when I need it. ;) Such cute ideas; geocaching would definitely be fun!

  2. Great list Jess, love this! xx

  3. I love it. So cute! My boyfriend is going to et a kick out of this.

    - Dani

  4. These ideas are so great--I'm always looking for things I can do with my boyfriend on the cheap. College students have no money either ;) some of my best memories with boyfriends past are stargazing in the backyard of my house in Wisconsin (where I grew up.) Free and so romantic.

    Love, Gigi
    Dolce and Gabriella


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