Back On Our Mountaintop

Little Lady Little City
We've been back on the mountain for just under a week now, and it's been pretty wonderful. The stress of packing everything up and driving across country tends to overshadow just how nice it will be to be back, but once you get here it's pretty darn great. Of course there is a lot of cleaning to do after being gone for sone long, it is a little surprising just how many dead bugs one can find after 6-7 months away (stupid stink bug infestation). Friday we spent all day cleaning the place so it is feeling nice and cozy once again. I think the cats are also so happy to be back on the mountain again too, they have been enjoying all the woodland creatures that wander the property.

I think today calls for a little walk and a picnic under the warm sun. So wonderful to be back.

x's and o's


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  2. I'm looking forward to seeing pictures of your mountain again :)

  3. It really makes me miss our property back in Victoria! We're working towards buying a few acres not far from us in a place called Stratham. Bush + Beach = perfect combo!

  4. My goodness that looks beautiful x

  5. Beautiful! I agree with Rebecca -- looking forward to seeing photos of your mountain space again :)

  6. What a pretty place! The mountains are wonderful!

  7. You are so lucky to get that change of scenery twice a year- it looks so beautiful and I bet the fall is perfect there.


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