Zoo Day

On Saturday the whole family met up at the Phoenix Zoo for it's yearly winter in July day. That's when the zoo brings in a bunch of manufactured snow for the kids to play in and gives the animals some icy treats. It's a fun idea, but when you really think about, it's pretty impractical haha. I mean it was 105+ degrees on Saturday. Nevertheless it was pretty darn fun and I think over 1/2 of Phoenix came out for it. 
I think some of the animals were a little confused about what the icy treats actually were. I mean, the zebras just kind of ate the grass around the ice haha. It was still cute, though. Of course I had to stop and check out some of my favorite animals: the flamingos! They are pretty silly, and basically the best. 
After a little walking around we made a bee-line to my nephew's favorite place in the whole zoo: the petting zoo with the goats. As soon as he got out of his stroller he didn't wait around, waddling straight to the entrance. He had a great time running from goat to goat just checking them out. The goats were given big blocks of colored ice with fruits and veggies inside and they were having a field day trying to get at the yummy treats.
We walked around a little bit longer before being ready to get out of the sun and heat, so we said goodbye to all of our animal friends. We spent the rest of the day basking in the coolness that is central air, and getting some work done. I would say it was the perfect kind of weekend. How was your weekend? Do anything fun?

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  1. I love going to the zoo, but haven't been in ages! Great pictures!

  2. Animals! Babies! Everything needed for a perfect day. This weekend I helped my boyfriend start developing posts for a blog he's doing about pizza and coffee! Woot. <3

  3. Fun times! Lovely pictures, thanks for sharing

    Katrina Sophia


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