Sweet Treats: Starburst Sorbet Bars

Starburst Sorbet Bars - Little Lady Little City
Will and I aren't usually still in Phoenix during the summer months, so we have been doing our best trying to keep cool, which means lots of our free time has been spent in the pool. Thankfully, the sun hasn't made the pool water too much like bathwater yet. However, sometimes just the pool isn’t quite enough, and that’s when we double treat ourselves with something sweat. Our newest obsession is the STARBURST Sorbet Bars. I mean, summer pool fun and sweet cold treats do go hand in hand right?!
Starburst Sorbet Bars - Little Lady Little City
Starburst Sorbet Bars - Little Lady Little City
As a kid my parents would always treat us once a week to some kind of cold goodie to enjoy in the pool. I was notorious for getting pool water all over mine or letting my brother trick me out of half of it, haha. But nowadays I am far more careful about making sure to get all it in my mouth and not losing one drop. With only 70 calories in each bar there is no reason to not enjoy the whole thing.
Starburst Sorbet Bars - Little Lady Little City
Another reason why I'm loving these STARBURST Sorbet Bars is that you can also turn them into an amazingly delicious and refreshing drink in just a couple seconds. Just take a bar and place in a glass full of your favorite lemon lime soda. Also if you want a yummy adult beverage to enjoy poolside just add some of your favorite flavored vodka (my fave is pineapple)
Starburst Sorbet Bars - Little Lady Little City
a silly gif for good measure :)
So it’s pretty easy to see why STARBURST Sorbet Bars are on the top of my treat yo self sweet treat list this summer.

The lovely people over at Starburst are giving two lucky readers (US only, sorry) a chance to try the sorbet bars out for themselves for FREE! All you have to do to enter a chance to win is leave a comment saying how you would enjoy them: by the pool, in the park, or at the beach? The giveaway will be open until Sunday August 3rd 11:59 PM EST. 

To stay update with all all things Starburst be sure to follow them on Twitter and Facebook.

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Teen Witch Forever!

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As I mentioned the other day I had some friends over to watch the 1989 classic that is Teen Witch. I think we had all forgotten just how silly the movie was but we had a great time. During one particularly silly scene I offhandedly mentioned that I needed an illustration of this scene just because it was so ridiculous. Well, Will took note and spent last week recreating this scene, and best of all he put me in the role of Louise!! Ahhh! I cannot wait to get our new place all done so that I can print and frame all of the amazing illustrations he has been making me lately. I am seriously so lucky to have such a talented husband. 

This week we are finally gearing up to head back to the mountain for several months. I can hardly believe we have been away from it for so long (thanks to  a lot super crappy stuff). We leave Monday for a long four days of driving, but hopefully we will be able to make a couple fun stops a long the way! 

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Instagram vs Reality

So I've seen posts like this going around and I thought it would be fun to do this with my own account. I mean, I do love a beautiful Instagram photo even if it's absurdly staged. Goodness knows I've done my fare share of them, haha, and if we can't poke fun at ourselves every now and again what's the point right? 
The Food Instagram // Look at all this pretty food perfectly displayed. 

Reality // Popsicle - "I want a popsicle. Oh these are so pretty, hmm I bet they would make a pretty picture." I then spent so much time putting it together that my popsicle choice half melted and I had to get my second favorite flavor. Cereal - As I was pouring my second bowl of the morning I glanced at the suggested serving size and started to laugh and shudder a little bit. I thought "if I take a picture of this for my IG/blog then it totally justifies me eating this second bowl right? I mean I can't just waste it!" But seriously who the heck makes the suggested serving sizes on the yummy cereals?! I mean, do they actually follow them? Because I highly doubt it. 
The Awesome Location Photo // Oh hai guys this is where we are just chilling on our little vacation. 

Reality // We were actually trying to find usable internet on my phone so we could do some work while on vacation. We always tell our regular clients when we will be gone, but if something comes up with a tight turn around we will do it because chances are if we don't they'll have to find someone else to do it and we might lose the client. The life of freelancers. At least at Hadley we got a yummy date shake to share while we worked in the car with two very awake cats haha. 
The Pet Shot // I love and I think my cats are the most photogenic. They should be in every picture ever.

Reality // I love my cats and think they're the most photogenic which means they should be in every picture ever. But, there's always a lot of finger snapping and trying to get their attention to get them to look so adorable, haha. Seriously I think for everyone photo I share of them I have about twenty where that are blurry from them moving, or they aren't even looking the correct way, haha. Especially with Sylvester-- he's got a really goofy little face that just photographs weird. We love it all the same, though hehe. 

Those are just a couple examples of my best Instagram vs Reality photos. What are some of the silliest things you have done for an Instagram photo.

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Zoo Day

On Saturday the whole family met up at the Phoenix Zoo for it's yearly winter in July day. That's when the zoo brings in a bunch of manufactured snow for the kids to play in and gives the animals some icy treats. It's a fun idea, but when you really think about, it's pretty impractical haha. I mean it was 105+ degrees on Saturday. Nevertheless it was pretty darn fun and I think over 1/2 of Phoenix came out for it. 
I think some of the animals were a little confused about what the icy treats actually were. I mean, the zebras just kind of ate the grass around the ice haha. It was still cute, though. Of course I had to stop and check out some of my favorite animals: the flamingos! They are pretty silly, and basically the best. 
After a little walking around we made a bee-line to my nephew's favorite place in the whole zoo: the petting zoo with the goats. As soon as he got out of his stroller he didn't wait around, waddling straight to the entrance. He had a great time running from goat to goat just checking them out. The goats were given big blocks of colored ice with fruits and veggies inside and they were having a field day trying to get at the yummy treats.
We walked around a little bit longer before being ready to get out of the sun and heat, so we said goodbye to all of our animal friends. We spent the rest of the day basking in the coolness that is central air, and getting some work done. I would say it was the perfect kind of weekend. How was your weekend? Do anything fun?

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Boldly Going...

Captain Kikirk - Little Lady Little City
...where no cat lady has going before, haha. Pretty much from the second Will made this illustration for me I knew I had to have it put a on a shirt, so that is exactly what I did. I really cannot help but seriously think this shirt is the coolest thing ever. If you follow my on Instagram you have probably already seen that I have even tried to make Wigs realize just how nifty she is for having her face on a shirt, but I just don't think she gets it.
Captain Kikirk - Little Lady Little City
Captain Kikirk - Little Lady Little City
This shirt is a little big. I got a guys small because I love the extra length and they usually are much tighter on me, but I was a little surprised when it  ended up a bit too wide. Hopefully it will shrink a little bit after the first wash. Honestly, though, who cares because this shirt is super awesome, and the transfer is perfection.

Will is going to make another awesome Star Trek - Kikis in Space (that's what I'm calling it) illustration featuring Sylvester as Spok, so I can get him on a shirt too! I'm so absurdly excited about these drawings, poor Will is going to have to deal with all my cat related illustration demands for the rest of our lives haha. I mean, it wouldn't be weird if the majority of my wardrobe constituted of our cats on my clothing right? Haha!
Captain Kikirk - Little Lady Little City
Things have been chugging along here, work has been a little crazy for Will the past week or so, but it is finally looking like it's slowing down. Hopefully we will be able to do a couple more things to the house before we head back west. Last week we did get the floors finished (we had the concrete  stained throughout) so that's very exciting. I am sure I will have some more photos to share with you all soon.

Monday night we had some friends over to watch the movie classic that is Teen Witch, haha. It was my jam when I was little, how could you not want to be Louise Miller? She was the coolest, even before she found out she was a witch. I am pretty sure my love of all things jean jackets started here.
Captain Kikirk - Little Lady Little City
shirt // c/o HiCustom
shorts // Gap years ago 
shoes // Forever 21
Captain Kikirk - Little Lady Little City
I'm apparently a pretty poor excuse for a Star Trek fan, I can't even do the Live Long and Prosper with my fingers, sadness. Truth be told I had a hard time even holding my fingers like that haha. 

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I have no clue what is going on with my hair in these photos, it's looking goofy to the max, just keeping it real, haha. 

Talking About Movies - Snowpiercer

I've mentioned before that my Dad and I are big movie fans. It all started as a way to help give him a little break when my mom was sick, just an hour or two to not think about it and kind of escape, and since then it's just kind of stuck. When Will and I are out in Arizona during the winters we see a movie almost ever week, it makes up for the lack of movies we see out in West Virginia (being that the theater is over an hour away haha). Because of all of this movie watching, I recently started to think I could put it to some good use and do a movie review every so once in a while, mainly when I am completely blown away by one. Also, this post title totally reminds me of an SNL sketch
To start, last week we saw Snowpiercer, and I was completely blown away. I've been excitedly waiting to see it all year since its initial release overseas for so many reasons. To begin with, it's an exciting post apocalyptic action thriller with a pretty darn incredible cast: Chris Evans, Tilda Swinton, Kang-ho Song, Octavia Spencer, Jamie Bell and William Hurt to name a few. Truth talk: I have such a serious love of Chris Evans that began in high school. It's the type of love where I'm just happy to see him working and making a living, haha such a weird thing I know.

The movie takes place in the not too distant future where the remaining survivors of earth are traveling around the world on a high speed train. The poor and destitute, who are forced to live in squalor in the back of the train, plan an uprising after being horrifically mistreated for the so long. It's really hard to say too much more than that without spoiling some truly amazing scenes, but I will say this movie seriously has some of the most incredible action scenes-- some of the best I have seen in a long time. There's one scene in particular that completely blew my mind. They definitely took the idea less is more to heart.

While the movie has a very limited release, and might not be in a theater near you, it is now out on VOD, so if you're a fan of a great action movies with some amazing acting I totally say you should spend the $6.99 to rent it for the night. It's worth every penny! If you have already seen it I would love to know what you think.

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10 Free Fonts I'm Loving

10 Fun Free Fonts - Little Lady Little City

Both Will and I are always on the search for beautiful fonts that we can incorporate into our work. It's so much fun finding a great font, I could seriously spend all day finding new ones to love. Having spent many hours doing so already, I figured I would share some of my current favorites with you all.

Happy Wednesday!

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Simple Crockpot Four Bean Stew

Simple Crockpot Four Bean Stew- Little Lady Little City
I absolutely love a good stew for dinner no matter how hot it may be outside. They are usually so hearty/filling, making them perfect for dinner. Also, when you cook the stew in a crockpot it just makes the whole thing absurdly easy which is great if you're busy during the day. I'm all about just throwing a bunch of things into a pot and coming back a couple hours later to something delicious. 
Simple Crockpot Four Bean Stew- Little Lady Little City

1 can pinto beans
1 can red kidney beans
1 can black beans
1 can light kidney beans
2 cans tomato soup
1 Tbs corn starch
shredded cheese for topping
red pepper flakes
garlic salt
french bread (optional)

Rinse off and pour beans into crockpot, pour tomato soup in, then add one can with water to the crockpot. Add herbs to taste then stir mixture. Turn the crockpot on high for 4 to 5 hours. At about 3 hours, add in the corn starch to help thicken up the stew. 
Simple Crockpot Four Bean Stew- Little Lady Little City
So if you are looking for a really super simple delicious dinner idea, look no further. If you don't finish it all just store it in the fridge. I think it tastes even better the next day. Let me know what you think about it if you give it a try. 

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Happy Birthday America!

Happy Birthday America - Little Lady Little City
I don't often double post but when I do it's because I find myself with some free time and make things like this. And when I say 'things like this' I mean totally mind blowing gifs featuring my favorite things: Will and the cats. Haha! 

I hope all my America friends have a safe/fun fourth and everyone else has an awesome Friday! 

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June In Review

 We have a little fox living in my dad's backyard! Eeeee!
 We bought a little place in Arizona!!
 Another installment of Getting To Know You (Err Me)
 Sharing the progress on our kitchen.
Will makes me such great illustrations!

June was a far better month than May, I'm very happy to say. We have been pretty busy with fixing up the new house and with normal every day work. I swear it never fails when we are planning on leaving somewhere work comes rolling in, haha. So, we will be staying in Arizona for probably the rest of the month. 

What were some of your favorite moments from June? Or did you make your own June recap list? If so leave a link in the comments so I can check it out!

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