Little Thoughts

I decided to skip May's month in review mainly because I didn't post all that much in May. Truth be told after the accident with our camper I felt kind of lost when it came to this little blog of mine. Prior to the accident I had put together a little calendar of posts for May and was so excited about them, but the majority of them were going to be about our travels with the camper. 
  1. Mondays - Outfit posts/working with a limited wardrobe 
  2. Tuesdays - Easy recipes that could be made in the camper
  3. Wednesday- Our travels, campgrounds we stayed in, things we saw
  4. Thursdays - TV shows or Movies I love
  5. Fridays- Good old Fancies

I was so excited about my little schedule as this was the first time I really sat down and made one for my blog. It was fun to think about each weeks posts, but then the accident knocked me down before I even got up, and I've been trying my hardest to pick the pieces back up. I know almost all the posts could be easily revamped to being camperless back in Phoenix but it has just been hard. 

Here's hoping June will allow for those pieces to fall back into their rightful place. I've really missed actually working on this little blog of mine. 

x's and o's


  1. Good luck! I know when there are setbacks sometimes a blog can be the last thing you want to get back to. I think it can be a good destresser to write out blog posts no matter what about. I think you should take your blog schedule and run with it! Camper or not it sounds like a good weekly idea and I'd tune in!

  2. Sorry to hear about the accident. I hope this month goes much smoother for you!

  3. Oh I missed the post about the accident, I am so sorry. I am glad that you are ok. I find blogging stressful but therapy at the same time, oddly enough. Take your time, we will all still be here ready to read along with you.

  4. I'm so behind on blog reading, so I've only now read your accident post. I'm so sorry that you lost your Scamp, but so thankful that you guys, or anybody else wasn't hurt. I've had a couple of car accidents where I was not at fault and you just feel so powerless and a bit scared when you drive again. I hope you can find a new camper soon, I'm pretty sure this sad incident won't slow you down too much.

  5. I hope you get your blogging-mojo back very soon. The accident was a very unfortunate incident but I'm sure there are lots of summer adventures awaiting you that are blog-worthy! :)

  6. I am sorry to hear that. I hope you eventually get back on it when you feel ready, you are a great blogger and we all love you!

    Katrina Sophia Blog

  7. i'm so sorry you've been having a rough time lately! i think the best thing is to NOT blog through the pain. i was devastated when i lost my job and all the posts i had planned seemed too trivial and i was not excited anymore. just take is easy and we'll all see you back here once you're inspired <3


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