Dreaming of Picnics

Yesterday we celebrated Easter with brunch over at some family friend's house and I seriously ate double my weight in food. I'm talking I specifically didn't eat breakfast before going over because I knew there would be so much food and didn't eat dinner that night because I was still stuffed. I'm pretty happy Will pushed me to not skip the gym in the morning because instead of going a zillion calories over what I should normally have in a day I only went over a billion haha! How do you guys celebrate the holiday? 
I was planning on wearing this outfit to the art museum but we ended up pushing that back a day, so I got all dressed up and had no where to really go. I wouldn't let this outfit go to waste, however, so I did a little errand running. I think this might be the first time I haven't worn tights in a while and man oh man are my poor legs pale haha. Maybe one of these days I will get myself a little tan. I feel like this outfit would be perfect for a spring picnic in a park, it's just so simple. Hopefully when we are up in Portland visiting friends the weather will be nice and we can go do a picnic or two. Speaking of Portland, can I just say how excited I am to hit up some more of their amazing food trucks? They have so many amazing ones like The Grilled Cheese GrillPB&J's Grilled! Any Portland people have some suggestions of other ones we should check out this time around? 
dress // ModCloth
cardigan // Target
shoes // Forever 21
hat // my dad's
I think I was doing a little dance when this picture was taken, haha. I seriously never know what to do with my body when I take outfit photos. I'm so jealous of those bloggers that seem to have hundreds of different poses that all seem so effortless. Teach me your ways oh amazing posers! I just reread that and it kind of sounds like I am making fun of them, but seriously I am not. I really do want them to teach me their ways so I can look effortless and not just silly and awkward haha. 

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  1. I loooooove this look and that sun in these photos! So gorgeous!! I'm sorry you didn't get to wear this to the museum... I probably would have either changed so I still could wear it or have just worn it again. Because I'm lazy like that Bahaha

  2. This outfit is absolutely adorable! The perfect thing to wear to a spring picnic! And now I really want to go on a picnic!

  3. I love this outfit! Your Easter sounds like it went as well as mine, eating wise ;)

  4. I awkward dance through all my outfit shoots too! I have yet to learn the effortless look of the fashion blogger babes. This outfit is great; that cardigan, dress and hat were all made for each other!

  5. You look adorable!


  6. that's a lovely dress! and a trampoline certainly work great as a catwalk! :) I'd love to be better at taking outfit post, I so enjoy looking at other people's, but couldn't feel more uncomfortable doing my own...

  7. I love this outfit! It reminds of Anne of Green Gables. I think it's the hat :)

  8. Oh very beautiful dress!
    Very cute pics!

  9. Right I can never quite feel comfortable posing, I feel like I have the same one hand on hip pose, but if it works it works! Also that hat, I'm obsessed!

  10. Oooh I'm jealous of all that food! haha I don't really do much for Easter but it really should be another day full of delicious food. Your outfit is so pretty! :D

    One of the best ways to change your pose.. is stick to one and think of ways to make it different! Like change the position of your head, left to right, have your hand on your hip, give your hand(s) something to do, one foot behind you, etc! :D It kinda turns fun haha

  11. so beautiful <3
    x tasha


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