West Coast Extravaganza!

In just slightly over a week we shall be heading out on our West Coast Extravaganza. It still doesn't actually feel like we are leaving that soon, but I have a feeling the night before I will start freaking out a little bit haha. I swear it doesn't matter how much preparing I do I always get a little crazy come travel time. Thankfully, usually after the first day the stress subsides. Either way I'm excited!

I'm hoping you guys can help me out a little and let me know about all the cool things we must see on our travels. I'm talking weird road side attractions, amazing views, and any other cool/fun things! I want to come back from this trip with tons of cool pictures and stories.

Our trip has us heading through/to the following places...
  1. Joshua Tree, CA - for a day
  2. Laguna Beach, CA - for three days for a wedding
  3. Oja, CA- for three days for another wedding
  4. San Francisco - for a morning/afternoon
  5. Redwood National Park, CA - a day or so
  6. Portland, OR - a week

Any and all suggestions would be wonderful! Thank you in advance.

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Peaches on Peaches on Peaches

Sunday Will and I met up with a friend for some peach picking at Schnepf Farms and of course we got an absurd amount, haha. I just can't help it, once our box was full I kept finding another perfect peach that I had to pick. Now that I have a plethora of peaches I am dreaming of all the delicious recipes I can make. 
In the past I have made peach pie, cobbler, and preserves, I have a feeling it will be a Pinterest filled afternoon searching for the best looking/sounding recipe!

Hope you all are having a great Tuesday.

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Cereal: The Unsung Hero of All Meals

I'm going to let you all in on a little secret, while I do love to cook and come up with meal ideas, I could probably just eat cereal for every meal and be totally alright with that. I'm notorious for suggesting it (only half jokingly) when Will and I cannot think of what we should make for dinner, haha. Yup, I am thirty years old.

Oh cereal I kind of wish all other foods could live up to just how good cereal can be.

What are some your favorite cereals? 

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Road Trip Must Haves

After driving across country so much you become a pro at knowing what you'll want while out on the road. So, I thought I would share my must haves with you guys today.
  1. My Phone - This is what we use to keep track of where we are going, work emails, keep family/friends up to date on where we are, and pretty much any other internet thing. 
  2. Coffee - We tend to leave early in the morning well before I am really awake, so a good cup of coffee is a must have for me. And by a good cup of coffee I mean whatever is at the first gas station we hit. Man, I wish the coffee was consistent from gas station to gas station, it's surprising how bad it can be some times, haha. 
  3. Our Camera - We always like to have this guy on hand for any photo ops that may arise. I'm pretty excited about this trip because we are going to take our time driving up north to visit our friends. I'll be finding lots of things to stop and take pictures of. 
  4. Entertainment Weekly - I've stopped reading the most recent ones so I will have a little stockpile to read in the car. A lot of time we will read the articles to out loud so the driver can be entertained. It might sound silly but we get a kick out of it. 
  5. Snacks - While I "try" my best to pick up healthy snacks for our driving days I usually cave in at the second or third gas station and just get some candy: Gardettos and some Jerky for Will. I just can't help it, when I am sitting in a car for 10+ hours day in and day out I want junk food!
  6. Blanket - 90% of the time my toes are like icicles so I like to have a blanket in the car to help warm them up. 
  7. Audio Books - I love audio books when driving (unless I am in the middle of a busy area and have to pay attention). They help make the time just fly by. Some of my favorite audio books are a part of Clive Cussler's Dirk Pitt series. They are just wonderfully silly books about a billionaire adventure that is always finding trouble with his best bud Al Giordino, and sometimes they run into the author Clive Cussler on their adventures haha! It's so delightful.  
Are there things you have to have on a road trip? I love hearing all the different things people like to take with them so leave a comment below! 

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Dreaming of Picnics

Yesterday we celebrated Easter with brunch over at some family friend's house and I seriously ate double my weight in food. I'm talking I specifically didn't eat breakfast before going over because I knew there would be so much food and didn't eat dinner that night because I was still stuffed. I'm pretty happy Will pushed me to not skip the gym in the morning because instead of going a zillion calories over what I should normally have in a day I only went over a billion haha! How do you guys celebrate the holiday? 
I was planning on wearing this outfit to the art museum but we ended up pushing that back a day, so I got all dressed up and had no where to really go. I wouldn't let this outfit go to waste, however, so I did a little errand running. I think this might be the first time I haven't worn tights in a while and man oh man are my poor legs pale haha. Maybe one of these days I will get myself a little tan. I feel like this outfit would be perfect for a spring picnic in a park, it's just so simple. Hopefully when we are up in Portland visiting friends the weather will be nice and we can go do a picnic or two. Speaking of Portland, can I just say how excited I am to hit up some more of their amazing food trucks? They have so many amazing ones like The Grilled Cheese GrillPB&J's Grilled! Any Portland people have some suggestions of other ones we should check out this time around? 
dress // ModCloth
cardigan // Target
shoes // Forever 21
hat // my dad's
I think I was doing a little dance when this picture was taken, haha. I seriously never know what to do with my body when I take outfit photos. I'm so jealous of those bloggers that seem to have hundreds of different poses that all seem so effortless. Teach me your ways oh amazing posers! I just reread that and it kind of sounds like I am making fun of them, but seriously I am not. I really do want them to teach me their ways so I can look effortless and not just silly and awkward haha. 

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Traveling With Cats

Sometimes when we tell people that we travel across the country twice a year with our cats they give us the strangest looks. Heck, when we are driving and people in other cars see our cats they just kind of stare in disbelief. All cats kind of get a bad wrap for being bad car passengers, but when it comes to our feline friends nothing is further from the truth. 

When we got both Wigs and Littlemin I knew there would be lots of traveling, so I made sure both of them would be used to being comfortable in a car. I couldn't imagine spending multiple days in the car with yowling cats, haha. I heard, years ago, on an Animal Planet show that you should drive your kitten around in the car to get them used to it. So we would drive both Wigs and Littlemin around the mountain when they were little a couple times a week. Wigs became an old pro at the traveling thing in no time. Her favorite way to sit is what we like to refer as the car seat, haha! While Littlemin has been a little more cautious about the whole thing, he likes to sleep under one of the seats of the car to begin with, then after a couple of hours will make a bed of the back seat.
Once your cat is ok with being in the car there are a couple things you can do to make them a little more comfortable.
  1. Have their litter box easily accessible to them. Unlike dogs, cat typically won't just go outside when you stop for gas or snacks, so it's a good idea to have their bathroom ready for them to use whenever they chose to. 
  2. Have some food and water out. We always try to keep just enough water in their bowl so we don't have a sloppy back seat if we hit a bump, haha. 
  3. Bring some kind of scratching post. We have a rectangular cardboard one. After a long nap in the car our two friends like to stretch and scratch something and we would much rather them scratch the scratching post than the back of our seats. 
  4. We also have them wear their harnesses with tags when in the car. We do this so we can easily get their leashes on when we are getting out. 
Are there any special things you guys do when traveling with your pets or have any photos of your travels with them? If so I would love to know what they are and see some fun photos, so leave links in the comments.

Happy Wednesday.

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Baked Macaroni

Do you guys know about the deliciousness that is baked macaroni?! It's seriously my favorite decadent dinner, and if I didn't have to worry about it killing me I would seriously eat it every single day.

2 boxes of noodles (I love to use either elbow or penne)
1.5-2 cups of cheese (I use 1/2 mozzarella and 1/2 cheddar)
3 Tbs butter
3 Tbs flour
6 Tbs milk (maybe more)


red pepper flakes
garlic salt
balsamic vinegar

Preheat your oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit.

Cook your pasta until al dente (it will finish cooking in the oven). While your pasta is cooking put the butter into a medium sized sauce pan and melt. Once melted stir in flour to create a kind of paste. Pour in the milk and the cheese, while continuously stirring. If you are planning on adding any herbs or pepper flakes now is the time to do it. The heated mixture should resemble a thick cheese sauce, you might need to add more milk to get it to this consistency.
Once your noodles are al dente and the cheese sauce is ready, grease an oven safe dish and pour the noodles in. Add cheese sauce on top and mix into pasta with a fork. Cover with tin foil and cook for 25 minutes.
As soon as that buzzer goes off bust that bad boy of the oven and scoop some of that ooey gooey yumminess into the biggest bowl you have and enjoy! And if you are feeling extra adventurous pour on some balsamic vinegar. It's so good. Let me know if you give it a try and what you think!

Have a great Tuesday.

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Win Some You Lose Some

Have you ever absolutely loved an outfit you were wearing but totally ended up just not liking any of the photos you took while wearing it? That was totally me with this outfit, haha, but even though I am still not really digging any of the photos I wanted to share anyways. I mean might as well keep it real right?
I wore this outfit to go see The Grand Budapest Hotel, which was fantastic. Wes Anderson has pretty much mastered his style and this movie is proof of that. The color pallet, the set design, the costumes, everything was just spot on. It seriously made me wish I could just step into his world and live there forever. 
vest // Forever 21
dress // ModCloth
tights // Target
shoes // Blowfish
brooch // Etsy
As I mentioned in a previous post my hair is getting long enough that the curls previously held down by long hair are now deciding it's their time to shine. And by shine I mean stand up in the middle of my head all the time, haha! I was constantly having to push my little cockatoo flap back down. I think once it gets an inch longer it will have enough weight to it to keep it down, but until then I will just have to rock it!
Littlemin was very jealous that we got to go outside. I think he's been a little spoiled being able to go outside (with his harness) on the mountain. Since being in Phoenix the cats really haven't gone outside too much because they get spooked by cars. I have a feeling they will be pretty happy to get back to the great outdoors this summer. 

Hope you all are having a nice Monday.

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Well I took an accidental break from blogging there for a little bit and it was kind of nice. Yesterday was my mom's birthday and while I was a little bummed out Will and I spent the day figuring out where we wanted our lives to be going over the next couple of months and it got me all excited/happy. I think I am finally coming to a place were days like her birthday and the day she passed are not as awful as they once were. I know she wouldn't want me to feel awful on these days every year.

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Our Little Scamp

Over the weekend we decided to take our little Scamp out for a test drive so we could get used to how it tows and also get used to the sounds it makes as it tows. Of course while we were out we had to snap some photos. 
We figured we would take the little kikis with us since it had been a while since they were in the car. Wigs at this point is an old pro when it comes to traveling in the car having traveled across the country several times already. Littlemin, however, has only had one long trip (and several smaller ones) under his belt, so it takes him a little bit to get comfy in the car. He is getting better though. If you ever want to get your cat used to driving in the car I would suggest starting out when they are kittens and just drive them around the neighborhood every couple of days until they are totally cool with it. That's what worked for us. 
shirt // Target
jeans // Forever 21
scarf // my mom's
shoes // Lulu's
One of the first things people usually ask us about it is if we will be comfortable in such a small space. Then they remember we used to live in a tiny 150sqft cabin with Wigs, so this guy should be no problem. 
I am kind of obsessed with our little stove top, it totally looks like a shocked face. I'm such a sucker for inanimate objects that look like faces, they are just the best. Seriously, if you are having a bad day just google it and get ready to be cheered right up!
I cannot wait to hit the road in May! We have two weddings around Los Angeles, then we will drive up the coast to Portland to visit a couple of my favorite people. Then we will head down through Utah with many National Forest stops along the way. I have a feeling there will be an absurd amount of photos of the trip along the way.

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