Spring Hats

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I have seriously become obsessed with all things hat related in the recent weeks. It's kind of funny because in the past I haven't been a huge fan of hats. I used to think they just didn't work well with my face, like my jowls were way too big and made hats just kind of look off on me. I realized now that it is just plain stupid. I totally feel like I kind of rock the hat look

Besides adding a little bit of flare to an outfit they are perfect for keeping the sun out of this gal's face, which is really useful because I foolishly misplaced the only pair of prescription sunglasses I own, ugh! I really need to get a new pair before we venture out on our trip and then back to WV, but they are just so darn expensive, double ughs. When I finally bite the bullet I'm going to be sure to take better care of them, but until then hats it will do the job. 

What article of clothing have you been loving this spring? 

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  1. I have allllllways loved hats so I'm really glad they are a serious trend this spring! I love #4 & #5 the most!!


  2. Me too! And four and five are absurdly cute!

  3. I totally love the first one. LOVE. I never thought I'd miss Forever21 but I do. They need to come to Germany!


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