March in Review

I turned 30 and celebrated the best way I know how, with roller skating!
Some of the yummiest Chocolate Cookies! So wonderful all piping hot.
Bought a flower crown and proceed to wear it with everything. #sorrynotsorry haha!
Had one of the funnest and busiest weekends in a long time. 
Birthday outfit totally proves I am a kid of the 90's.
Absolutely loving spring hats, I want  to own all of them!

I cannot believe March is over and I've been 30 for almost a whole month! It is so crazy just how fast this year already seems to be going. I swear I am going to blink my eyes and we are going to be on the road again, haha. Looks like April is going to be slower of a month than March. We will be on the road for a month plus starting in May, so I am looking forward to some quite lazy days. What do you guys have planned for April? Anything exciting? 

x's and o's


  1. So jealous of how well you pull of those hats!

  2. Soo cute! I absolutely love your haircut! Looks like you had an awesome March!

  3. You are adorable! I am also a little jealous of your haircut. I am a cropped cut gal myself and need a trim...Anyway, I digress. Loved checking out your blog. I will be back.


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