Hello Spring

Spring is here, which actually just means summer is looming in Arizona. This winter was a lot warmer than normal, and that usually means summer will be happening way to early this year. We are headed out in the Scamp for a little west coast trip in May, so I am really hoping the heat stays away until we leave at least, but that might be asking too much haha.
I've been loving this maxi dress ever since buying it in Portland over the summer, and I've really been digging figuring out ways to style it differently. I have always loved seeing people who can bring like six different pieces of clothing on a trip to last over two weeks and never repeat an outfit. While I'm no where near that level yet, I feel like I am getting a little better, which will be great during our West Coast Tour 2014 (haha that's what I like to call our month long Scamp trip). 

Now can we just talk about this hat for a minute? I am smitten. I had been lusting over all of Gentri's adorable hats for quite a while, and so much so that I knew I just had to get my own. She gave me some great tips (Target Men's section), but I just had no luck. However, while looking in my dad's closet for some of my mom's old hats I came across this beauty! Everything about it screams spring to me and it's just prefect in every way. 
 dress // Forever 21 (similar)
shirt // thrifted
hat // dad's
shoes // Target
This weekend was filled with catching up with old friends and eating way too much food! Those kind of weekends are the very best. I cannot wait to start our trip out to Los Angeles and then up to Portland so I can enjoy even more wonderful friends and good food! What did you all do this weekend? 

x's and o's


  1. I own two maxi's and even though I love them, I'm always have a sense of trepidation about wearing them. I'd really like to be more confident in them when the spring/summer weather decides to show up.

    I volunteered at my school for a family fun day and baked banana bread. Holler!

    The Rambling Fangirl

  2. That hat looks great on you! I love it with your cute hair!

    Becca | Ladyface Blog

  3. oh what will you be doing in Los Angeles?! I hope that you like it out here!

  4. Love the outfit! I'm still looking for a nice spring/summer hat...

  5. Woohoo!! I love it!! This is all so cute! :) now when you get back, we'll go hat shopping!


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