Getting to Know You (Err Me)

(I am reusing last months photo because of number 2)

1. I recently learned I might be lactose intolerant! Talk about worst news ever for this cheese and ice cream loving gal. Boooo! What am I to do now?!

2. There haven't been any outfit posts this week because I had a huge awful zit on my lip all week, ughs. I'm an adult, I thought that kind of stuff was suppose to be over by now. Thankfully, it's clearing up so I don't think I will be sporting it on my birthday!

3. I am super excited to see Non-Stop! I am such a sucker for silly action movies, mainly because I would always go and see them with my dad. One of my favorite things about being in Phoenix for part of the year is getting to go to all the action movies with him. And I think our love of them is rubbing off on Will too.

4. One of my new favorite things to do in the evening is to take a nice hot bubble bath and read a magazine, usually Entertainment Weekly. It is especially wonderful when I am all achy after a particularly hard day at the gym. It's just the perfect way to relax.

5. I think Sylvester is getting to the age where he doesn't always want to snuggle with me (all the time) and I don't like it one bit. Luckily, Wigs is getting out of that age and snuggling up to me a little bit more. Last night she spent the whole night sleeping next to me (heart so happy)

6. Because Will and I work from home we tend to use what seems like an absurd about of dishes throughout the day, haha! I'm always shocked when loading the dishwasher or washing dishes in the sink.

7. Oh my word the last episode of HIMYM (How I Met Your Mother) killed me! All the emotions. I cannot wait to see how it all ends (it best be a happy one).

Also thank you for you sweet comments on Tuesdays post, after writing about it I started to feel better. Sometimes you just have to get those thoughts out of your mind.

x's and o's


  1. My lactose intolerance kind of went away. I also weirdly developed it in middle school, but just kept trucking with ice cream and cheese.

    And you just reminded me that I need to catch up on HIMYM!

  2. Join us lactose-intolerant people! I recently found out I'm celiac as it's lettuce and rice for me! Just kidding. There are lots of options. I found there's a super good lactose free gouda cheese at most grocery stores that I'm around. I live off it.


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