February in Review

February didn't seem to wiz by as quickly as January and that might be because we were sick for a little while, which always seems to make the days go by so much slower. It also might be because February is that pesky month before my birthday haha. And this year I turn the big old 30, ahhh! 
I love silly poses and comfy sweaters.
Getting to know you (err me) a new monthly series.
Derpy faces are my favorite cat faces (Wigs and Sylvester/Littlemin update).
Walnut pie! 
I decided to be a part of the short hair club again!
I'm helping Angie celebrate her 5 year blogiversary! So many great prizes to win!
Another comfy OOTD with buttons for flare.
Chocolate Pecan Pie. I'm kind of obsessed with pies right now!

February was a pretty great month, but I cannot wait to get going with March (aka my Birthday Month! haha). I'm excited to see what 30 brings for me, I'm really hoping it involves more pie baking and lots of fun adventures in our new little Scamp

Happy Saturday!

x's and o's


  1. I loved the shoot after the Superbowl with your dad's sweater!! Haha.
    I also love your hair!!


  2. That might have been one of my favorite OOTD posts, I just had too fun goofing around!

  3. Being sick sure does make the days go by slower doesn't it? Well, yay for birthday month being here and my you got lucky, because March is the best month to celebrate anything in AZ! :)

  4. I'm really glad March is here as well, I love spring! That pecan pie looks great, I think I have to try that one :)


  5. Cute haircut! And if you want to send one of those chocolate pecan pies my way, I wouldn't be opposed ;)


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