Black Shirts and Flower Crowns

Last week when I was having a bad day I ended up finding this crown at the store and plopped it on my head to see what it looked like. It instantly made me smile. It was just so bright and fun, it made me happy to have it sitting on my head. And that leads me to believe when you wear a flower crown there is no way you can have a bad day!
This shirt used to be my brother's. It was a part of a stack of shirts he gave me years ago before he moved back east for law school. It used to be too big, so I hemmed it and chopped off the sleeves (kind of poorly haha) in college, but I still love the way it looks. Back in my college days I was a jeans and thrifted shirt kind of gal. They were just so comfy and easy, which made my 7 A.M. class a lot more bearable, mainly because I just rolled out of bed only a couple of minutes before I had to leave, haha. 
 shirt // brother's
pants, shoes, flower crown // Forever 21
There was a time back in high school thatl I absolutely hated wearing jeans/pants. I always felt they made me look awful and would just rather cover up with a longer skirt. Luckily (maybe) I went to a private school that had skirts as the uniform, so for four years I never had to worry about pants. Once college started though, I forced myself to venture out into the world of jeans/pants and I have never looked back. Recently I've been getting back into pants/jeans and comfy shirt. It's probably because all you have to do is change the shirt, shoes, and accessories and bam you have a whole new outfit. Have you guys been getting back into a style you used to rock? 

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  1. Lovee the flower crown! I have a friend that those beautiful flower crowns if you want to check it out :)


  2. I've got a major love for flower crowns! Sometimes I get back into the emo/goth look for a little while, but I can't rock skinny jeans like I used to! ~___^


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