90's Kid

This outfit makes me so wonderfully happy, which is probably why I wore it to my birthday party. I feel like when I was in elementary/middle school all the cool older kids in high school rocked awesome jean vests and I wanted to be just like them. Unfortunately, I still did not have full control over my own wardrobe at the time. Things I picked out had to get the mom stamp of approval hehe. I forgot about my love of the jean vest until I came across this one last summer while I was in Portland. Looks like I am a 90's kid now and forever.
Sorry this flower crown keeps showing up, I just love it so much. I guess it's more like sorry not sorry, haha. It seriously has just been brightening up my days every time I put it on my head, I feel all special (that must sound just so silly). And on a totally unrelated note, while I still absolutely adore my short hair, it has been looking something ridiculous at the gym as of late. It is now long enough to be a bit of a floof when my head gets all hot and sweaty, haha. It's pretty absurd looking. I think I might just have to share that look one of these days on instagram just so you all can get a good laugh too.
shirt // Stay Home Club
pin // Etsy
vest, pants, flower crown // Forever 21
shoes // Lulu's
So far this week work has been on the slower side, so Will and I have taken advantage of our free time and started doing a little wood work. While my dad doesn't have all the tools we are used to using up on the mountain, he's got enough for us to get to do all the things we've been wanting to do. And with the weather being pretty darn perfect outside lately we are in heaven. What are you guys up to this week?

x's and o's


  1. I love a good denim vest. These striped pants are super cute!

  2. I have short hair too, so I feel you with the crazy gym hair. XD
    I love this look! The pinstripes and denim go great together. c:


  3. Need this whole outfit.. it is so cute! I never saw kids wear jean vests in my area in the 90s </3 Just lots of overalls!!

  4. I have to say, I love it when 90's styles pop up. I've been noticing it everywhere lately.

  5. You are so adorable! Those pants are so cute!




  6. You look so pretty!



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