Let's Just Stay Home And Snuggle

Watching the news and seeing all of the people being effected by the Polar Vortex I can't help but to thank my lucky little stars that we get to spend the winter out in AZ, where during most days this is the heaviest jacket I have to sport. So when I found out what this week's What to Wear was I had a feeling I would be the most un-layered layered participant haha. 
This has been one of my go to outfits as of late, because it's so comfy, and this shirt is AMAZING!! Will got me it for Christmas this year, I was so excited! I made a comment months prior that if he ever wanted to get me something then this shirt would be awesome. He wrote it down so he wouldn't forget, what a great guy. Most people that see it don't quite understand and kind of give me this 'You're kind of an oddball aren't you' look, which is fine because it's probably true, haha. Most of the time I would just rather hang out with Will and the cats at home than go out. Thankfully, I have a wonderful group of friends that feel the same way so we just all hang out together with our pets, it's pretty much my heaven. 
jacket // Gap (years ago)
shirt // Stay Home Club
jeans // Forever 21
shoes // Taget 
Don't forget to head over to Nicole's blog to link up if you are participating in this week's What to Wear and to check out all the other awesome ladies outfits! 

Hope everyone is having a great Thursday! 

x's and o's


  1. This outfit looks like the perfect comfortable stay home outfit :-) David and I have spent this entire week sick on the couch so I feel like my eye is cultivating the good "stay at home" looks

  2. Love your shirt! It's perfect!

    XO Imke

    -PS: I'm hosting an international givaway right now; you can win 5 lovely Rosewholesale items picked by me! It would be so lovely if you'd participate!

  3. Love your hair!



  4. sooo freaking jelly of how long and wavy your hair is!!!

  5. Yes, yes let's go home and cuddles love the outfit!

  6. Love the layers...HAHAHAHAHAsigh. It is actually gorgeous out today, almost getting to 0 degrees (Celsius that is). And yet there is still snow on the ground, and I still need a coat to leave the building. Oh well! You look lovely...still digging that new hair!

  7. Awesome outfit, especially love the shirt :)

  8. Haha- that's funny, we are totally wearing the same shoes! :) I'm glad someone else was with me on the "light layers" too, it's been so crazy nice here! I really need to get one of those shirts, I always forget about it but it looks so cute on you!

  9. Yes! Stay warm and safe :) Hope you have a great weekend!


  10. That shirt would be perfect for me! I definitely belong in the stay home club!

  11. That shirt is great. The entire outfit is, too!

    I love friends who just get it. ;)

    The Rambling Fangirl


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