January in Review

Man oh man this little household has been a sick one this past week. First Will caught some weird Stomach Flu and was out for the count for a couple of days. I thought maybe it had past me by, but on Tuesday night it hit me like a ton of bricks, ughs. Yesterday I hardly moved from the bed. I, probably like most people ,hate being sick. I become such a little baby haha. Thankfully I am feeling better today, but I am still trying to take it nice and easy. 

We took a trip up to Sedona with some of my favorite people.
New year new hair.
One of my current favorite outfits.

January was full of work for us, there were many days stuck sitting in front of our computers until the wee hours, but honestly we wouldn't have it any other way. I cannot wait to see what projects come our way in February. Do you guys do a month in review? If so leave a link in the comment below I would love to check it out!

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What I'm Watching

It seems like every year there are more and more tv shows that I fall in love with. Up on the mountain we don't get any broadcast tv so instead we binge watch show on the internet.  I kind of love it, especially when a show is super suspenseful! So today I thought I would share some of what I am currently watching and loving.
Sherlock - Holy cow is this show amazing or what?! Will and I recently rewatched the first two seasons with my dad (who had never seen it before), right before the third season started. One of the reasons why I love this show is that each episode is feature film length. Of course both Cumberbatch and Freeman are wonderfully charismatic and just play so well off of each other. Also can we just stop and take a moment to look at Scott's portrayal of Moriarty. Talk about mesmerizing! If you haven't already seen the first two season they are currently streaming on Netflix and Amazon Prime, but be sure not to make any plans for the weekend. 
The Americans - This one we were a little late to the game with being that we only started watching the first season recently, and the second season is starting soon, but we are totally hooked.  Talk about suspenseful, I mean the thought of me ever trying to be a spy just freaks me out. I know I would just give up everything if someone just looked at me funny haha. It's also nice to see Keri Russell back on screen, I have seriously loved her ever since The Mickey Mouse Club, haha. The first season is also available on Amazon Prime.
True Detectives - So this is a brand new show that we aren't able to binge watch (even though I really wish I could). I just want to know what's going to happen like right now, I don't want to have to wait another ten weeks or so, haha! The first two episodes were pretty slow moving but I was pretty much hooked right off the bat. The show is reminiscent of The Killing (which I LOVE) and Hannibal (another great show), and I am absolutely in love with the opening credits, they are just so hauntingly beautiful.

So these are several of my current favorite shows. Can you see the common theme between all of them? Haha, boy do I love me some mystery and suspense. Have you guys been watching any of these? What are some shows you are absolutely loving right now? 

Happy Monday!

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What to Wear : Cozy Night In

So I forgot this week's What to Wear was a Cozy Night In so you guys have to deal with my dino sweater twice in one week. I mean, I did mention it's kind of my new favorite thing. You know that means I am pretty much wearing it around the clock, haha! 
When it comes to a cozy night in, I am all about it. Not to say I don't like to go out every so once in a while, but I'm definitely more of a homebody, so relaxing at home with friends is my idea of a great time. Especially if it includes a ridiculous tv movie (I'm looking at you Lifetime) and pizza!
sweater // forever 21
leggings // c/o BornPretty (get 10% off with code AEST10

While I would most likely never wear leggings as pants out in the real world, I do love rocking them at home. They are just so comfy and don't feel the slightest bit constricting, which is prefect when I just want to relax.

Be sure to check out all the other lovely ladies who are participating in What to Wear this week over on Nicole's blog.

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Remix // Pants

The other day my friend and I were talking about my overall meh feeling about my outfits as of late and she suggested taking a piece and styling it two different ways. It totally sparked something. I've never really thought about doing that before, but it sounded like a really fun little challenge. I decided the two different looks would be: stay home, and out and about at night. I thought since this is my first time doing this I would go with pants because they are pretty easily remixed.
pants and sweatshirt // forever 21
shoes // Lulu's
First up is the stay home outfit, probably my most common outfit hehe. When I am stuck working on the computer I like to be as comfortable as possible, which is why the majority of the time I wear pjs, but I'm trying to break that habit and wear things that I wouldn't be totally embarrassed to answer the door in the later afternoon haha! I think this outfit absolutely fits all of my prerequisites, it's full of the comfy and there will be no embarrassment when opening the door. And of course, you can never go wrong with a sweatshirt with a dinosaur playing a guitar. Granted, it's several sizes too big (which I think might make me look a little bigger) but I don't really care because, come on, it has a freaking dinosaur playing a guitar!
pants and shoes // forever 21
shirt // Target
Next up is the out and about at night outfit. I feel like this combination is perfect for meeting up with friends and grabbing drinks. And can we just talk about these shoes for a second? I am so in love with them because DANG they make my legs look good! I wish I was able stand wearing them longer than just a couple of hours. I never really ever built up a tolerance for wearing heels and I feel like I am too old to start now haha! But I'm still willing to bust out a cute pair of heels if only for a couple of hours every so often, hehe.

I had a great time styling these pants two ways that I think this might be a reoccurring series here on the blog. especially while I am in Phoenix with a limited wardrobe.  I'm already starting to think about which piece I am going to style two ways next. What are some of your favorite ways to restyle/remix pieces from your wardrobe? 

Hope everyone is having a great day!

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New Layout

Last week I decided it would be a great idea for me to embark on a blog redesign. It only took a couple of hours to realize that I must subconsciously hate myself haha, but at that point I was too far in to stop. So, after the next several different designs and more hours that I want to admit, this is the design I settled on. I think it's just nice/simple, and I really like it. Does that mean I won't continue tweaking it over the next couple of months? Probably not, I'm a gluten for punishment, hehe.

Hope everyone is having a nice Thursday!

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Little Thoughts

I've been feeling a little stale when it comes to outfit posts lately. It doesn't really surprise me as it always seems to happen when we come out to Phoenix.  The majority of my wardrobe has to stay back on the mountain because of space when traveling. So of course I make to sure I bring all my current favorites which I end up wearing so much that unfortunately I grow tired of them. It probably doesn't help that I work from home so a lot of the time I'm just rocking some super comfy pjs (I mean since we are being totally honest). There are days where I totally just think 'Ugh I'm not going out anywhere there is no reason for me to wear something that could never be as comfy as these sweet pjs' haha!

I'm trying to figure out what I can do to make the clothes I have not feel quite so meh when I wear them, and trying to convince myself that as much as I love me some comfy pjs I should put on actual clothes during the day, hehe. Do you guys have any tips on how to make your limited wardrobe feel less stale? Any and all help would be much appreciated!

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Let's Just Stay Home And Snuggle

Watching the news and seeing all of the people being effected by the Polar Vortex I can't help but to thank my lucky little stars that we get to spend the winter out in AZ, where during most days this is the heaviest jacket I have to sport. So when I found out what this week's What to Wear was I had a feeling I would be the most un-layered layered participant haha. 
This has been one of my go to outfits as of late, because it's so comfy, and this shirt is AMAZING!! Will got me it for Christmas this year, I was so excited! I made a comment months prior that if he ever wanted to get me something then this shirt would be awesome. He wrote it down so he wouldn't forget, what a great guy. Most people that see it don't quite understand and kind of give me this 'You're kind of an oddball aren't you' look, which is fine because it's probably true, haha. Most of the time I would just rather hang out with Will and the cats at home than go out. Thankfully, I have a wonderful group of friends that feel the same way so we just all hang out together with our pets, it's pretty much my heaven. 
jacket // Gap (years ago)
shirt // Stay Home Club
jeans // Forever 21
shoes // Taget 
Don't forget to head over to Nicole's blog to link up if you are participating in this week's What to Wear and to check out all the other awesome ladies outfits! 

Hope everyone is having a great Thursday! 

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New Year New Hair

I have been going back and forth with what to do with my hair, I always seem to go through this phase once my hair is pretty long. As much as I love styling it I just grow tired of the same old things, and I was no longer liking how my hair looked when it was down. Then I woke up one day and decided bangs were the way to go. I figured if I hated how they looked I would just cut my hair short like I do every couple of years

I think one of the best/funniest things about getting bangs is that I realized I have a little patch of grey hair! I never noticed before because all my other hair was covering it, but now it sits top and center of my bangs haha!

So are you guys planning on any hair changes for the new year? If so do share!! 

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Sedona With Lovely People

Last week we took a trip with our awesome sauce friends Megan, Lex and Eric up north to Sedona. Sedona is one of those places that you know is absolutely gorgeous, but it's not until you are there that you realize just how absurdly beautiful it really is. I swear the pictures don't do it justice. 
We got there in the early evening so we decided to just hang out at the hotel. As we were checking in they were giving out free wine and hard apple cider which I thought was pretty darn fancy, so we had some wine while playing a fun game of Cards Against Humanity. Thankfully, I don't think there were people in the rooms next to us because all of our cackling would have probably bothered them hehe. 
The next day we went out for breakfast to this restaurant that seriously had 101 different kinds of omelets to chose from (it was incredible). Then we explored around town checking out all the some of the new age stores and shops. Before we left we hit up one of the many scenic spots for a little walk and lots of picture taking. Honestly the pictures don't do Sedona enough justice, I think I could have spent all day just taking in all of the rock formations. 
This photo makes me laugh so hard, we are all just taking selfies, oh good golly we are just such goobers haha! 
#hoverhands haha!
We had such a great time I just wish we could have spent some more time up there with all of these lovely people. I can't remember the last time I  laughed so hard! Until the next trip! 

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Taking A Look Back

Happy 2014 everyone! I can seriously say I have no idea where 2013 went! Even though it seemed to just fly by it was filled with so many wonderfully fun times, so I decided to take a look back at some of my favorite posts of 2013 (I know pretty much everyone and their mother had done a post like this, but I promise to keep it short and sweet).
At the beginning of the year we started on our cross country travels from Coast to Coast (and Canada), and had a blast.
We made a Paint By Numbers Mural in our family room!
I shared how you can use your DSLR to create a large format looking image with the Brenizer Method.

The Mountain House a work in progress.
From adorable to totally awkward in only two years, haha! I shared some good old awkward family photos.
This little scraggle muffin came into our lives.
1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6 // 7 // 8 // 9 // 10 // 11 // 12 // 13 // 14 // 15 // 16 // 17 // 18 // 19 // 20 // 21 // 22 // 23 // 24 // 25 // 26 // 27 // 28

Our New Year's Eve was very quiet, we stayed home and watched Sherlock on Netflix with my dad. Truth be told, I barely made it to midnight, haha, but honestly that is nothing new. At midnight my dad's neighborhood filled up with kids who had sparklers and shot off fireworks, which was pretty fun to watch. What did you all do for New Year's Eve?

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