November in Review

Welp there went November!
I finally got to meet Lauren of Old Red Boots IRL and it was awesome! Cannot wait to drive through Nashville again. Sylvester made his first cross country trip in one piece, even if he was way over it by the end.  
 I took a brave step into the world of bright red lips and I kind of loved it! 
 I did a lot of laughing at myself with a post dedicated to nothing but outtakes.
Went to a pie social only to show up and have there be no darn pie! For someone who seriously loves her pies it was a very sad day.

It's crazy it is already December 3rd, but now that it is December I am excited for the holidays! I have already partaken in some yummy treats and eggnog hehe. Every year Will and I get the stocking stuffers for everyone which we have such a blast with. Lots of little silly toys and yummy sweet treats! I'm also excited for some holiday parities! I love getting a chance to bake up lots of wonderful food and have a drink with the wonderful people I get to call my friends. This year I'm thinking about hosting a little Pinterest Holiday party, where everyone makes something to eat or drink that they saw on Pinterest, haha! It's such a silly idea but I think it could be pretty fun. 

What are you all excited about this month?

x's and o's


  1. I love your Pinterest party idea! That would be so fun! I can't believe it's already December either. Where does the time go? Love the red lips!

  2. I think the Pinterest party sounds like a great idea!

    I'm looking forward to winter break, to be perfectly honest. The week leading up to Thanksgiving was a hot mess at work, so I don't know how my students are going to deal with the next few weeks (or how I'm going to deal with them). Also on the agenda: making a painting with my BF for his bro/SIL and hand making a bunch of holiday cards. We're celebrating Christmas with his family on the 14th, so we're on a bit of a time crunch!

    The Rambling Fangirl

  3. A Pinterest party does sounds fun! Ok- that picture with you and Lauren just reinforces that we really should've thought of taking one the other night :)


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