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Is one of your New Year resolutions to find some new fun blogs to read? Well you are in luck because I have two beyond phenomenal ones for you to checkout! 
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I'm Meredith, a recent college grad living & working in Alabama. I blog about post college life, recipes I try, products I like & everything in between.

Ok so I know I have already talked about this post already but I made Meredith's Mexican Hot Chocolate the other day and it was delicious! Seriously if you are looking for a wonderful warm drink on a cold night try it out! 

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Hi there! I'm Erin, a Midwestern gal working in the fashion industry. Zero Style is my little corner of the internet to share my pop culture rants, the latest beauty products you need right now (or need to avoid like the plague), and fashion for those of us who aren't exactly sample size. 

No joke, Erin's style is spot on! I don't think she has ever posted an outfit that I didn't just absolutely love, case and point this!  I seriously need to get some pointers from her. 

What did I tell you, totally amazing! I hope everyone has a fun and safe New Years Eve!

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  1. Thanks for sharing! I didn't know their blogs!



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