Deep in the Heart of Texas (Week...err, a couple of days... in Instagram v 14)

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  1. Walking with two cats is not the easiest thing to do. One always seems to end up in a tree.
  2. Our view seriously is one of my favorite things ever!
  3. For getting up at 4 AM and starting to drive at 5 AM I was surprisingly not all that exhausted. 
  4. Wigs is an old pro at long drives now and Sylvester is on his way to being a pro too.
  5. Guys, I finally got to meet Lauren of Old Red Boots IRL!! Eee! It was so much fun, and can I just say she is even more adorable and wonderful in person! 
  6. After 10+ hours driving Sylvester wasn't the only one ready to be at our destination. 
After two looong days we have made it to Texas for my cousin's wedding. It's kind of funny no matter how long our drives are I always get super antsy to get out of the car during the last hour or so. I usually just kind of lose it and start making totally absurd jokes (Will is too kind to me and usually laughs hehe). Anyways, I kind of did a horrible job of schedule posts this week so it's just been a little silent here, but thankfully today I think I'm going to have some free time to finish up a couple posts sitting in my drafts.

Hope everyone is having a lovely Thursday! 

x's and o's

Also every time we are in Texas this song and video I saw when I was little starts playing in my head. The little baby puppets kind of creep me out though, haha! 


  1. I wish my cat didn't slip out of every harness we put her in! She's a good cat, but she really does love to explore!

  2. Oh gosh, that view is insaaaaaaane.

  3. hey y'all from texas! glad you guys had a safe and long drive! hehehe!

  4. You walk your cats too! Oh goodness, this makes me ridiculously happy. I'm not alone, even with the crazy stares I get. I walk two as well, and usually recruit a friend to take one because one likes to slowly enjoy the outdoors while the other gets so excited and wants to run around!

  5. YES! Cat walkers of the world unite!

  6. It really is. We are so lucky to have it.

  7. We had always have to make sure the harness is on them tight otherwise they would do the same thing.

  8. I love the photos. Also, I happen to live in Texas. What bit were you visiting? It's still so warm here..
    xx Abby | a geek tragedy

  9. We are in Dallas and the weather has been far nicer than the mountain when we left :)

  10. Cat walking is also my favourite part of the show My Cat from Hell, haha.

  11. I just came across Your blog through the Blog Hop :D and I really love it here!
    I love love Your cats ^_^ I just can't wait to have My own pets soon enough!

    Loads of love, SJay!


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