Happy Thanksgiving!

Will made this phenomenal Thanksgiving illustration of our little family that I just had to share! Seriously his talent just keeps blowing me away, just when I think I've seen the best he can do he tops it! I hope all my American friends have a lovely Thanksgiving, and all my international friends have a lovely Thursday! 

x's and o's

Week in Instagram v15

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  1. Wigs always seems to want her pets only when it interrupts Will while he is working. She is such a little sassafras! 
  2. I think we know where Sylvester learned this behavior from. 
  3. Eee look at my nephew's face! I totally don't think I'm being biased when I say he is the cutest little gent ever. I don't think I have ever been so happy to babysit, hehe.
  4. Me after going to a Pie Social and not getting any pie because they were already out. Not happy.
  5. Shared some of my favorite outfit photo outtakesbecause if you can't laugh at yourself what can you laugh at?
  6. Monday night we went and saw the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary special at one of the local movie theaters. It was in 3D, which normally I don't care for, but they did a really fantastic job with this. I actually felt like the 3D enhanced it. I think it's time I go back and start rewatching the episodes. 
  7. This has become their morning ritual. They are goobers. 
  8. Yup they both do it. 
Work has picked up over the last couple of days so the time has been flying by. I swear we wake up, move to our office, then the next thing I know it's getting dark outside already, haha. But I can't complain because work is a good thing. The cats have adjusted pretty wonderfully to dad's house, and as you can see above they now have a giant water bowl all to themselves haha, those guys are seriously something else. 

Hope you guys are have a great Wednesday! 

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Chantilly has been hard at work on her new EP and it has been so fun to be following along on her journey, especially because it is something that I know absolutely nothing about.

Holy moly talk about an amazing group of ladies! Be sure to check all of them out because I have a feeling you are definitely going to have some new daily reads after you do!

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Catching Fire

Hunger Games
pants // shoes // shirt // jacket // pin 
Tomorrow the second installment of The Hunger Games movies Catching Fire comes out and I am so ridiculously excited for it! Will on the other hand is far less enthused, but being the awesome gent that he is he's still coming with me on Friday (I figured trying to get him to come to the midnight showing might be pushing it a little bit hehe). Something you might not know about me is that I love getting dressed up for movies that I am kind of obsessed with, either with fun t-shirts I have made for me and all my friends or full on dressing up (case and point). It's just so much fun!

Sadly this time I just didn't have enough time to get my act together for tomorrow. Since we returned to Phoenix Will and I have been going through dad's house and cleaning out both my and my brother's old rooms, getting rid of old furniture and things that have just been laying around for way too long. We've also been completely redoing his little studio that we're staying in while we're here (I'm hoping to share some photos in the coming weeks). So, because I was a bit too busy to get an outfit together I did the next best thing and created a little Hunger Games outfit board. I modeled it off how they styled Jennifer Lawrence as Katniss in the first movie. I must admit this is totally something I would rock on any given day, it just looks comfy.

Are any of your guys excited to see Catching Fire?

x's and o's


When you take outfit posts I think it is only natural to have about ten absurd looking ones for every one good one, so I thought it would be fun to share some of my favorite outtakes from past posts. I mean if you can't laugh at yourself what can you laugh at?!
I swear the majority of the time while taking pictures I am just like 'Oh man I bet that one looked great' then Will checks the camera and I can hear a laugh or he just looks up and gives me this look that says 'I don't think you are going to like this one', haha! It's so silly how frustrated I can get when I feel like none of the pictures are coming out, but thankfully I can't help but laugh when I look at them later. 
The more I do outfit posts the more I realize I have no idea how to pose. I think my go-to pose is to look to my left or right and have my arms in my pockets. In fact I think the right hand picture is actually me trying to find some pockets to stick my hands in haha! 
In all honestly I have absolutely no idea what is happening in either of these photos. Seriously, Will caught some real goofy things happening. I can get kind of silly sometimes when we have been taking pictures for a little bit, so I guess these types of photos are bound so show up. The weird thing about it all is that I keep all of these goofy photos instead of deleting them, I guess I just get a kick out of seeing the photos that most certainly didn't make the cut. 

Do you guys ever end up with a ton of outtakes? 

x's and o's

No More Pie?

One of my favorite things about coming back to Arizona during the winter months (besides getting to hang out with family and friends) are all the wonderfully fun events we get to take part in! On Saturday we ended up going to the Pie Social, which I was pretty darn stoked about. I mean pie is kind of amazing and the event had chefs from all over town baking pies. Unfortunately, the rest of Phoenix was pretty much as excited as I was about the pie and ate them all before we even got there, le boo. Because there was no more pie we went over to Angels Trumpet Ale House instead to try out one of their seasonal pop tarts. It was absolutely delicious and definitely helped fill the pie void my stomach and heart were feeling hehe. But I think I still might have to make myself a pie this week to really get over the lack of pies at the Pie Social. Hmm, I wonder what kind I should make? Any suggestions?  
I've been really loving doing the braid crown with my hair lately. It's surprisingly easy to do and I think it just looks so much nicer than throwing it up on the top of my head (which I do quite often). Now that we are in Phoenix and see people far more than we ever do on the mountain I have probably been spending waaaaay too much time in the evening on Pinterest looking up different hair styles. 
dress // ModCloth
jacket // Old Navy
boots // Target
watch // c/o Timex
necklace // Betsy Johnson (gift)
I really love this dress especially the colors on the bottom. It actually has a low cut back and bows on it (which you can see here). It was a bit to chilly to not have something warmer over it, so I thought my jean jacket went pretty perfectly. I've said it once already and I will say it again: I am so happy jean jackets are (or were?) in because I freaking love them! And it seems to work with so many of my dresses, total plus! 
And just for good measure of picture of me doing what I can only guess is the 'Y' from YMCA haha! 

Happy Monday! 

x's and o's

ModCloth Uniquely You

ModCloth Uniquely You
dress // tights // watch // shoes // coat
The other day ModCloth invited me to participate in a fun little project they are doing over on Polyvore called Uniquely You. They asked me to style one of their current favorite pieces Coach Tour Dress in Noir. I can totally see why they love this dress, it's so freaking cute! I went ahead and paired the dress with a simple white coat and black flats, but added a nice pop of color with the tights and watch. I've always loved when people add some fun color and patterns to a black dress.

So what do you guys think? Would you have styled it differently?

x's and o's

What to Wear: Mixing Patterns

Over this past year I have been experimenting more and more with mixing patterns. I think it just adds a little something extra to your everyday outfit. So when I saw that this week's "What to Wear" was mixing patterns I was super excited! Unfortunately, I just didn't have time to try out a new outfit so I thought I would share some of my past pattern mixing goodies. 
Of course I had to share this outfit photo mainly because Wigs was being such a  little ham. I am pretty sure that was her way of telling me she was so over having her photo taken haha! 

Have you guys checked out Lisa's collection outfits yet? She is kind of my mixing patterns hero! Each one of her outfits just gets more and more adorable. Also, don't forget to head over to Nicole's blog to see all the awesome ladies who are linking up today. 

Happy Thursday! 

x's and o's

O Hai Phoenix

We got into Phoenix last night around 9 PM after about a 16 hour drive from Dallas, Texas. I think Will and I have finally mastered the long drive by trying our best to be on the road by (or even before) 5 AM. We seem to do so much better with driving early in the morning than we do driving late at night.

It is so nice to finally be in one place for awhile. I was getting a little tired of living out of a suitcase, so at least at Papa Bear's we can hang all of our clothes in the closet hehe. It's kind of silly just how much better I can feel about most things when I am able to hang my clothes rather than just keep them folded up. Anyways, now we just have to unpack our computers and get everything all organized, so it should be a very relaxing day.

Hope everyone is having a lovely Wednesday!

x's and o's

Rocking Bold Lip

I've always been jealous of people who could rock lipstick--especially red ones. For whatever reason my lips have always been super sensitive to most lipsticks and chapsticks. So when I was contacted by BA*STAR to see if I wanted to try out their Red Holiday lip pencil I jumped on it, with the hopes that I too would be able to rock awesome red lips. And rock them I have! Because this is a first I am going to have to get used to when I see myself in the mirror, but by golly I'm liking it so far. 
I am absolutely loving this lip pencil, and my lips seem pretty happy with it too. I've just been applying my lips with pencil then adding a little chapstick over it. Voila this kid is ready for a night on the town, or just wearing it around the house like I have been hehe. 
The wonderful people over at BA*STAR are kind enough to offer all Little Lady Little City readers a 50% discount with the code BBLIPS. 

Do you guys ever rock bold lips? If so what is your favorite color and brand?

x's and o's

While BA*STAR gave me the lip pencil all opinions 100% my own, I would not put up a post about any product that I did actually like. Powered by BrandBacker.

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Totally Awesome Blog Hop

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Deep in the Heart of Texas (Week...err, a couple of days... in Instagram v 14)

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  1. Walking with two cats is not the easiest thing to do. One always seems to end up in a tree.
  2. Our view seriously is one of my favorite things ever!
  3. For getting up at 4 AM and starting to drive at 5 AM I was surprisingly not all that exhausted. 
  4. Wigs is an old pro at long drives now and Sylvester is on his way to being a pro too.
  5. Guys, I finally got to meet Lauren of Old Red Boots IRL!! Eee! It was so much fun, and can I just say she is even more adorable and wonderful in person! 
  6. After 10+ hours driving Sylvester wasn't the only one ready to be at our destination. 
After two looong days we have made it to Texas for my cousin's wedding. It's kind of funny no matter how long our drives are I always get super antsy to get out of the car during the last hour or so. I usually just kind of lose it and start making totally absurd jokes (Will is too kind to me and usually laughs hehe). Anyways, I kind of did a horrible job of schedule posts this week so it's just been a little silent here, but thankfully today I think I'm going to have some free time to finish up a couple posts sitting in my drafts.

Hope everyone is having a lovely Thursday! 

x's and o's

Also every time we are in Texas this song and video I saw when I was little starts playing in my head. The little baby puppets kind of creep me out though, haha! 

October in Review

I am pretty sure if I blink it's going to be 2014 already. I guess it's true what they say, time flys when you are having fun, because man o' man this year has been whipping right by me.
To celebrate our anniversary we went on a hiking adventure.
Fall is here so it's time to bring out the plaid.

Lady Wigs and Littlemin have another adventure.
Trying my hand at layering and mixing patterns.
Will had a birthday so good times and a yummy cake were had!
I love making silly halloween pictures!

Tomorrow we head out to Phoenix, with a stop in Dallas for my cousin wedding. As stressful as cross country drives can be I do really enjoy them, getting to stay in hotels, getting to meet blog friend IRL, listening to audio books, and drinking lots of gas station coffee (I love it!). On this leg of the trip we have Dan Brown's newest book Inferno, which I am really excited about. Robert Langdon is a super fun character, and I never have any idea of where the story is going so I am always surprised!

Do you have any other audio book recommendations? Also what are some of your favorite things about a road trip? 

x's and o's