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  1. Day one of the spooky mountain fog.
  2. Day five of the spooky mountain fog, which pretty much had me thinking I was stuck in Silent Hill.
  3. For ThrowBack Thursday sometimes I come up with some real gems, my high school senior portrait. Seriously I cannot stop shaking my head at my fashion choices back then. A tie really?! I blame having to wear a uniform five days a week for four years, haha. I swear once I got out of high school my style got a little bit better. As for the alligator our mascot was the Gators :) 
  4. Another wonderful ThrowBack Thursday featuring my dad's neighbor's 20 pound cat! So cute but so freaking heavy.
  5. My two favorite gents.
  6. Our wood pallet chairs. DIY coming soon, as soon as the sun decides to show its head again.
  7. The fire pit in action when our friends Hannah and Eric came out for the weekend. 
  8. Sylvester a.k.a Littlemin on his first official walk outside. I think he is a fan. 
  9. Wigs was gnawing on her foot (I think she is allergic to some of the grass outside) so she had to rock on of my socks on her foot for the rest of the day. As you can see from her face she didn't mind it at all hehe. 
As the first two photos show the weather has been just super gloomy up here for the past week. I don't think we have actually seen the sun or the town below us in over a week. I'm pretty sure this is how a hundred different horror movies start, hehe. We are starting to gear up for some adventures over the next couple of weeks: this weekend we are headed out to DE to celebrate Will's birthday with his family, then the following weekend we are off to DC to hangout with some of the raddest people we know, and then the following week we pack up our mountain house and head out to Phoenix to spend some of the winter months with my family. I absolutely love the drive out west and hopefully this time we will get to stop at some interesting roadside places along the way.

Hope everyone is having a lovely Tuesday.

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  1. Wigs with the sock on is priceless! So cute. I'm @instasondra. :)

  2. Just started following you because your TBT made me laugh out loud! Love it! :) I'm @ohsorosie x

  3. Your senior portrait is CLASSIC! Haha, so great. I've got half black, half blonde hair... I really need to get on posting that. I've been talking about posting it for ages.
    e m m a ▼ d e e r

  4. That high school photo is hilarious! Following you now. :)

  5. Love those kitties and dreary rainy weather! Oh, the embarrassing high school photo flashbacks. I'm hoping all evidence of those years in my life got conveniently burned for all our sakes. So happy I stumbled on this sweet blog.


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