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As I mentioned the other day we celebrated our anniversary with sightseeing in the towns around us and a delightful hike, which was perfect. We lucked out that it was such a beautiful day, sunny and not too hot. 
We had planned to check out Coopers Rock State Park which was about an hour and a half away, but on the way there we made a little stop in Cumberland, MD. For some reason I was always under the impression Cumberland was ridiculously far away from us, but it turns out not so much. I'm super excited about because it is such a cute little place! They have this little promenade filled with adorable shops and restaurants, I only wish more of them had been open. There also was a scenic train and we just happened to get into town when the train came rolling in, so of course we had to snap a photo or two. 
Coopers Rock State Park was absolutely beautiful. Quite a few of the trees have started their transition into fall so my eyes kept jumping from one beautiful color to another. The only downside was the amount of people there. I think I've been spoiled being a freelancer, anytime we have to go anywhere we always do it during the weekday to avoid crowds, hehe. 
There was also this old furnace out in the woods that you could walk to, which was pretty cool. During the 1800s it was used around the clock, and employed quite a few people. I always love seeing old things like this, it's fun to imagine what a day in the life of those employees was like. We had a delightful time exploring the furnace and tromping through the woods. I think we might have started a tradition of going on little adventures to celebrate our anniversary :)

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  1. Oh man, that furnace would be so awesome for portraits. Great photos!

  2. Aw seems like a lot of fun. And such beautiful scenery :) Happy anniversary x

  3. Ha, that last photo is awesome. Sounds like a lovely adventure for an anniversary!

  4. That photo is my absolute favorite, hehe!

  5. There is an old furnace like that near my school - I had to do a double take! it looks like you had a fun adventure!





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