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I had a couple of hours free the other day so I thought I would do another 'Adventures of' comic. I feel like by doing more than just one of these comics I have really leveled up in my crazy cat ladiness, haha. But enough about my nuttiness, this is pretty much what every day looks like when Wigs goes to eat, Littlemin just wants to do everything she does. Thankfully after he moves to the other dish Wigs is usually free to once again eat from the first dish. These two are are quite the characters (or at least I think so), so material for this little comic won't be hard to come by. 

Do your pets do anything that just crack you up?

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  1. Haha! That's how my kitties were growing up too.

    xo Lisa | Making Life's Lemons

  2. Mason (my dog) enjoys batting at my face like a cat. He also perches on the very top of my couch and curls up...also like a cat. He prances around the yard like a pony. Basically, he doesn't know what animal he's supposed to be. But I love him.

    The Rambling Fangirl

  3. So funny! Mine share a dish, and if they're pumped enough about their food they are totally content to share. Otherwise they take turns, which is prettttty cute. They do a ton of cute, goofy things but I'll keep this brief! Haha!

    Ladyface Blog


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