What to Wear : To a Bookstore

So I am trying to get back on the 'What to Wear' wagon with Nicole, it's been a little while since I last did one. I was almost thinking about skipping this one too after going back through all the photos. Oh man I swear in every photo I either looked super annoyed or was blinking haha! Do any of your outfit posters ever have one of these days? But I've decided to go ahead and put up a couple that aren't too cringe worthy, mainly because I didn't want to let Nicole down, and Will and I drove down into to town to take these photos (I really didn't want the trip to go to waste).

While I don't think this outfit is bookstore specific, I do think this is a lot of fun. Bookstore are pretty wonderful, I wish we had one close by. There is nothing like that smell of a book, new or old, they are both great. I hope I'm not weird in saying that and other people love the way books smell too :)
shirt, cardigan, necklace // Forever 21 (years ago)
skirt // Ruche
tights // Target
shoes // Blowfish
I can actually hardly believe that the leaves are already changing colors. With summer coming to an end I think I have it in my head that I need to wear all the bright colors right now haha. Just one last hurrah of colors before I start busting out my autumny colors. Granted I am sure there will still be some bright colors in there every now and again.

Are you guys all ready for fall or is it still warm where you are?

Hope everyone has a great Thursday, and be sure to check out what Nicole and the other ladies who linked up are wearing this week! 

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  1. I love that outfit! It's so cute :) It's still warmish here. The mornings are pretty cold but by the afternoon it's in the 70s - low 80s. I wish it would get colder!

  2. You are adorable! What a cute little outfit to wear to the bookstore! You are very adorable in a librarian/teacher/bookworm sort of way.. :)

  3. I'm glad you decided to post! These pics are cute, and not awkward at all. I'm eager for autumn weather to set in; it's sneaking up here in Michigan, but I think it's supposed to get warm again, haha.

  4. I'm glad someone else likes the smell of books - they are such a sensual pleasure as well as enjoyable to read.

    We're definitely ready for Autumn here and I am really glad as I much prefer Autumnal clothing. Bring on the long jumpers and oxblood jeans!

  5. Love this outfit - cute and comfy - the perfect bookshop outfit! :) Oh and that braid is amazing. I still can't do the fishtail. ;)

  6. Yay! It's great to have you back. And yes I totally have those days where every facial expression says "I hate this!" Ha. Happens to the best of us, I guess.
    You look lovely in this outfit. I adore your fishtail braid. It's perfect.

    The leaves are well into changing here, as well. I'm too saddened by it, though. I'm actually really enjoying the crisp mornings and the warm afternoons. This is probably my favourite time of year. SWEATER WEATHER! Yahoo.

  7. Cute outfit! I would totally wear this to a bookstore! Love the colors and subtle print mixing!

  8. Yay- I'm glad you're back for What to Wear! I love this- the patterns are cute together and this is a perfect bookstore outfit. I totally have those days where I cannot seem to get good pictures to save my life. I love the way bookstores smell too! Especially if there's coffee brewing in the corner somewhere- the paper/coffee combo smells delish :)

  9. Really great outfit! I love how so far you and 2 other of us what to wearers have mixed stripes and dots for this prompt, it's so cute!
    Glad to see you back!

  10. Love your bright colours and mixing spots and stripes. It's already cold and blustery in the UK so I'm in several long layers in order to brave the weather


  11. I really like this outfit--the colors and pattern mixing look awesome

  12. You are definitely not the only one who loves the way books smell. It's one of my favorite scents (can they bottle that stuff already?!). Adorable outfit!

  13. Your outfit is CUTE! I love your blog! : )




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