O Hai Fall

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I don't usually do a wish list post but I just couldn't help myself after some online window shopping at two of my favorite places Forever 21 and ModCloth. I think it's pretty cruel of them to constantly coming out with so many freaking adorable things when I am not flush with cash. Ok so very rarely am I actually flush with cash, but sometimes I have enough that I can justify treating myself. Last time was when I was in Portland and actually got to go to Forever 21, my partner in crime Lex definitely helped me justify all of my purchases haha. I think I might just actually have buy #2 and #5 because they are both amazing and would look so freaking cute together!

What are some fall pieces you are loving right now? Feel free to share the links especially if you have already bought them so I can live vicariously through you all, hehe.

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  1. I am so after a pair of cowboy boots now. I have a pinboard gathering them all up and pining. I live in the UK btw. Cowboy boots are rare. And expensive. So I shall continue to pine and pin until they show up in a random charity store!


    I like those boots you have there too. I want a nice stomping in the rain pair that will go well with skirts and my leather jacket.


  2. Those panda flats are the cutest things I've ever seen!!

  3. those flats are so freaking cute!

  4. Oh I love those panda flats from mo cloth! I actually really love everything on your board!

    I shared my wish list on Monday here: http://www.sarrrahgirl.com/2013/09/wish-list.html?m=0



  5. I love ModCloth and Forever 21 - this is such a tempting board! I especially love the necklace and boots!


  6. I keep seeing striped dresses everywhere! I think it's a sign that I need one.

    The Rambling Fangirl

  7. That jacket is dreamy, and those tights!!! Be still my heart!!


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